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Laura Ikeji: Biography, Net Worth And Business Life Of Laura Ikeji-Kanu

Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji is a successful Nigerian entrepreneur, fashion blogger, and social media influencer. The fashionista is also the CEO of Laura Ikeji Gang and the author of a fast-selling book – How to make money on Instagram: A brand Influencer’s Guide. Laura Ikeji is Linda Ikeji’s younger sister.

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Laura Ikeji Background

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Laura Nkechi Ikeji was born on the 15th of March 1988, to a Catholic parents, Mr and Mrs Ikeji. She hails from Nkwerre LGA, Imo State, Nigeria, and is the fifth of her parent’s seven children.

Laura had her primary education at the Lagos Anglican Girls Primary School, Surulere, Lagos. When she finished primary school, she continued her secondary education at Anglican Girls Grammar School, Lagos.

After her SSCE, she took and passed the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Exams (JAMB) and was granted admission into the University of Lagos (Unilag) to study psychology.

Laura Ikeji is married to a retired Nigerian football defender, Christopher Ogbonna Kanu, and they are blessed with a son, Ryan Ogbonna Kanu.

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Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji Career

Laura Ikeji is a fashion blogger and social media influencer. She once owned a blog called Hey! Laura, which stopped functioning in 2012. Hey! Laura was a fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle blog.

Her Instagram page has the semblance of a complete fashion catalogue with over 1.8million followers. Laura also advertises for businesses for a fee on her Instagram page.

She’s on her way to becoming a fashion icon in Nigeria. She launched her fashion boutique in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, and called it Laura Ikeji Gang Store.

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Laura Ikeji

Incomplete and How to Make Money on Instagram

As an entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji seizes every opportunity she has to make money. She didn’t stop at being an influencer. She also has a perfume line called Incomplete. It was recorded that Incomplete sold out before the launch date.

Laura’s business exploits didn’t end there. She is the author of the fast selling book – How To Make Money On Instagram

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Laura Ikeji
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Laura Ikeji’s Endorsements

  • Brand Ambassador to a Nigerian Hair Brand – BK Unique Hair Incorporated – 2017
  • Payporte signed an endorsement deal with Laura as their brand ambassador – 2018  
  • Gtex homes signed an endorsement deal with Laura Ikeji to be one of their brand ambassadors – 2018
  • Laura Ikeji signed an endorsement deal with Hnk_interiors as the company’s brand ambassador – 2019
  • Cmhairbyhills endorsed Laura Ikeji as their brand ambassador – 2019
  • She is also the ambassador of Susan Chanel Beauty – 2019  
  • Laura Ikeji is also an ambassador of Diamond Breeze – 2019

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Laura Ikeji’s Features

  • Complete Sports Magazine named her on a list featuring entertainment celebrities related to former or active footballers – 2017
  • The Guardian Life Magazine, a subsidiary of The Guardian newspaper granted her an interview where she discussed her book – How To Make Money On Instagram – February 28th 2018.
  • Today’s Woman Magazine (TW Magazine) featured her alongside the delectable Nigerian actress – Omoni Oboli – June 2018 

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Laura Ikeji

Quotes Of Laura Ikeji

“Always stay in your lane. The drama happening right now ehn. U see this life, just maintain that little lane you are. Don’t overstep.”

“Fashion is never complete without a good fragrance. If you look good, you must smell good.”

“I grew up with a mum who did everything without complaining. I am used to not complaining about anything. Motherhood is a blessing.”

“We post fancy cars, beautiful clothes, made-up faces, holidays pictures and Happy videos, don’t let that depress you, some of us low-key wish we had your peace of mind.”

“Don’t let these lifestyles fool you, no one’s life is perfect if you suffer mental health please seek help, get off social media and seek help. Suicide is never the answer.”

“It’s never too hard to be kind. Be kind.”

“Say thank you as often as you can.”

“…Let’s teach our boys how wrong it is to hit women and we would have a better society. Never put your hands on a woman.”

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Awards And Nominations Of Laura Ikeji

  • Fashion Support Award nominee at the St. Eve West Africa Fashion Style Awards (SEWAF) – 2017
  • Starzz Awards nominee for Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year – 2018
  • Social Media Awards nominee under the category of Brand Influencer of the year – 2018
  • Eloy Award nominee for author of – How to make money on Instagram – 2018
  • Social Media Business Influencer of The Year at The Entrepreneur Africa Awards – 2018
  • Millennial Entrepreneur of the Year nominee at the Eloy Awards – 2018
  • The ECOWAS Female Parliamentarians Association (ECOFEPA) honoured Laura Ikeji – 2018  
  • Nominee for Celebrity Entrepreneur Of The Year at The Starrz Awards – 2019

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Net Worth Of Laura Ikeji

According to wealthresult.com, Laura Ikeji is worth $1.2million.

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Life Lesson From Laura Ikeji

Do Not Rely On Family Wealth Or Fame

Laura Ikeja leveraged her sister’s fame and built her own brand. She didn’t stay put and depend on her sister for everything instead she set out to build her own brand. She has worked hard to build an independent brand for herself.

If you have shoulders you can climb on as an entrepreneurs, very good for you but ensure you build your own legacy. Don’t rely completely on your family fame or name without putting in your own work.

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A Strong Self Will

Laura Ikeji has a very strong will to succeed. Her family has faced numerous challenges and backlash yet she is going strong. She does not allow people’s opinion affect her life or business pursuit. She perfectly sieves negative energy out of her life and is building to become an authority in her field.

In life, you have to understand that you cannot please everyone. And you shouldn’t live your life seeking validation from people. Be focused and determined to achieve your dreams. Let your work do the speaking.

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