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Tim Godfrey: Biography And Career Of The Xtreme Crew Convener.

Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey is a music director, voice instructor, songwriter, conference speaker, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and musical concert clinician. He is also the convener of the popular Xtreme Crew music group.

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Tim Godfrey Background

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Timothy Chukwudi Godfrey was born on the 26th of August 1979, in Kaduna, Nigeria, to Mr and Mrs Victor Godfrey. Tim is the second child of his parent’s six children. He had his early education in Kaduna, though he hails from Abia State.

He received a doctorate in Fine Art and Musicology in 2018, at the Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Georgia, USA. Tim Godfrey is blessed with an eleven-year-old son.

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Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey Career

Growing up, Tim had a flare for good music, so he joined the adult choir of his church in Kaduna, and self-taught himself how to play different musical instruments. Before he took on singing as a career, he used to be a footballer. As a footballer, he attended the Pepsi Academy and had participated in the Governor’s Cup.

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Tim Godfrey became a choir director in 1994. As a choir director, he trained choristers of different churches as a job. Eventually, on the 14th of February, 2004, Tim Godfrey commenced his musical career professionally.

Thus far, he has performed at concerts and churches across the world. Tim Godfrey has also collaborated with several international gospel artistes and is a multi-award winner, who has helped in transforming gospel music in Nigeria. He is the convener and leader of the Xtreme Crew.

Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey And The Xtreme Crew

He founded the Xtreme crew music group in 2004. Since then, he has been creating good music with the crew. Thus far, they have performed in over 1000 events and concerts within and outside Nigeria.

Tim Godfrey and Xtreme crew also performed on the same stage with Sammie Okposo, Sunny Neji, Folake Omusen at the Kora Awards, 2005. The award ceremony took place in South Africa.

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Also, in 2006, they performed at the Ghana Music Awards and toured five American States. In 2017, the crew started the Fearless Worship Concert, which holds annually. They have also had several appearances at the Xperience – a musical concert organized yearly by The Rock Cathedral.

Tim Godfrey


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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

2014 – 2017

  • Na You Be God – 2014
  • Amen – 2014
  • Alright – 2014
  • Oriki – 2014
  • I Worship – 2014
  • The Audience of One – 2014
  • Mighty God – 2014
  • Omema – 2014
  • Kosi – 2014
  • Ahaa – 2016  
  • So Good – 2017
  • Ekelebe – 2017
  • Idinma – 2017
  • Chizobam – 2017
  • Lai Lai (Nigeria) – 2017
  • Onyedikagi – 2017
  • Worship Medley – 2017
  • Good Day – 2017
  • Hero – 2017
  • Agidigba – 2017
  • Bless the Lord – 2017
  • Walking Miracles – 2017
  • War Cry – 2017
  • Jigidem – 2017
  • Bigger – 2017

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Tim Godfrey

2017 – 2019

  • Akpoaza – 2017
  • Naija War Medley – 2017
  • Imela – 2017
  • Nobody Reprise – 2017  
  • Alright – 2017
  • Omewoya – 2017
  • On My Way – 2017
  • Follo Follo – 2017  
  • Halleluyah – 2018
  • Igbo Medley – 2018
  • Jo Ti E – 2018
  • Akaah – 2018
  • Nara – 2018
  • Gbemisoke – 2018
  • Trumpet – 2018
  • Toya – 2019
  • Carry Me – 2019
  • Onaga (It’s working) – 2019
  • Nara Testimony – 2019
  • Victory – 2019
  • Iyo – 2019
  • Okaka – 2019

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Tim Godfrey Quotes

“Hard work is very important, don’t compromise it for anything.”

“To all CEOs and business owners, develop a work culture that people would not only be proud of but also emulate.”

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it is rather acting despite fear.”

“The quality of your life is a product of your faith. This is why the enemy wants you depressed and afraid (which is the opposite of faith). Choose to Walk by faith today.”

“The power of association cannot be overemphasized. Hangout with small-minded people and you would dream of small things, spend time with overachievers and you’d not only dream big but also achieve big things.”

“With all that’s happening in the country, let’s not forget our fundamental human rights. It is okay to voice your opinion.”

“Life is a mind game; you’re limited only by your thoughts.”

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“Your focus on the loss of yesterday is killing your opportunity to win today. Forget the past and pay attention to the future.”

“Financial growth and sustainability do not depend on how much you earn… But HOW MUCH YOU INVEST AND ALSO HOW MUCH YOU SAVE!!!”

“Quit struggling for titles, sometimes it takes a title-less man to humble the world.”

“While others are bothered about why things are not working, focus your attention on creating something out of those things.”

“Until you leave your comfort zone, growth and transformation will never happen. Take that risk, start that business, host that conference, submit that proposal, a transformation begins with a step in the right direction.”

“When you emanate positive energy, positivity becomes attracted to you. Stay Positive in all situations.”

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Awards And Nominations

  • BEFFTA Award UK – 2011
  • Best Artiste of the year nominee at the Future Awards – 2012
  • NEA Award U.S.A. for the Best Gospel Artist/Group of the year – 2012
  • Nine nominations at the Crystal Award – 2015
  • Eight nominations at the Africa Gospel Awards (AGAFEST) – 2018
  • Male Artists of Excellence at Africa Gospel and Media Awards (AGAMA) – 2019
  • Tim Godfrey and The Xtreme Crew bagged the Musical Group of Excellence award at the Africa Gospel and Media Awards (AGAMA) – 2019
  • Male African Artiste of the Year at the GTMA Awards – 2019
  • Songs of Excellence award at the Africa Gospel and Media Awards (AGAMA) – 2019
  • Male artiste of the year at Africa Gospel Awards (AGAFEST) – 2019
  • Best International Artist nominee at the Premier Gospel Awards – 2019

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Life Lesson From Tim Godfrey

Hard Work

You can’t just sit around doing nothing and expect things to work for you. You have to put in the work if you expect results. Life isn’t magic; if you want something, then work towards achieving it.

Tim Godfrey worked hard to become a brand name and to own his music. He is still working hard to attain greater heights. He does a series of all-night vigils and long hours of rehearsals with his crew consistently.

There is no substitute for hard work if you want to be successful.

Image Credit: @timgodfreyworld

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