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Beverly Osu: Biography, Career And Movies Of A BBA Participant.

Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu is an award-winning Nigerian actress, photo model, video vixen, and writer. She was also one of the housemates of the popular Big Brother Africa (BBA) Season 8: The Chase.

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Beverly Osu Background

Beverly Ada Osu was born on the 27th of September, 1992, in Delta State. She had her early education in Delta State. As a believing Catholic, Beverly wanted to be a nun from childhood.

But then, she grew up and realized that wasn’t the path she wanted to follow. In her quest to becoming a nun, she went to the Daughters of Divine Love Convent, Enugu State, but left in her fifth year, when she realized that she wasn’t ready to walk that path.

After she left the convent, she finished her secondary education and obtained her WASC. She then went on to study mass communication at Babcock University. She left Babcock after a while without completing her studies in the school.

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For Beverly, her departure from Babcock didn’t mean the world had come to an end, as she didn’t give up on her studies. Instead, she went on to try another option in a bid to further her education.

As such, after she left Babcock, she went on to apply as a student of mass communication at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). She was offered admission and graduated from the school with a degree in mass communication.

Beverly loves reading, listening to good music as well as inspirational messages. She also loves dancing, modeling, and socializing. To Beverly, modeling is not just a career that brings in the money, it is something she is passionate about, and that’s why she’s an authority in the modeling industry.

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Patrick Akinwuntan

Beverly Osu Career

Beverly Osu came to limelight after her participation in the Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality show tagged – The Chase in 2013. She was the only housemate who was never nominated for eviction from the beginning of the show till the end.

Although Beverly was never nominated for eviction, that didn’t make her emerge as the winner of the show. However, she came fifth at the end of the show.

Even though Beverly didn’t win BBA season 8, the show brought her to limelight which led to numerous endorsement deals as a model, brand ambassador, and actress. Beverly has worked with Different Concept Studios, Clarion Chukwura’s clothing line, and a lingerie company called Francis Moss.

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As a video vixen, she has featured in several music videos, including yansh policeboys are not smilinga woman’s needsover killing, and oleku. She has also featured in music videos of popular musicians like Djinee, Terry da Rapman, Praiz, and Ice Prince.

Beverly has also featured in some Nollywood movies and intends to do more in the industry as an actress. The talented model is the founder of the Dwelling Support Foundation.

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Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu’s Movies

  • Return from the dead
  • Chief Daddy
  • Oloture
  • A Soldiers’ Story
  • Stolen Lives
  • The Family
  • Rosemary
  • Black Men Rock
  • Migration (Blood Farm)

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Beverly Osu’s Endorsements

  • Beverly became the face of Prestige Cosmetics Nigeria, in 2013.
  • She became the brand ambassador of Ivie Hair in 2014.
  • Bare2beauty Cosmetics signed an endorsement deal with Beverly Osu, as one of their brand ambassadors.
  • She has a paid partnership deal with Durex Nigeria.
  • Beverly Osu was one of the judges of the Miss Tourism Nigeria, 2019.
  • Brand Ambassador of the Keexs Tribe.

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Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu’s Quotes

“Please Nigerian youths… Slaying on the gram is not a career, and it’s doesn’t mean the individual is booked and busy… Biko everybody wears clothes… Quit mediocrity.”

“Broken things can become blessed things if you let God do the mending.”

“When I said fake it till you make it, I didn’t mean give birth in Lagos and pretend to have given birth in abroad. Please let’s put some sense in it abeg…”

“Tell your partner how to explore your body. Men, learn how to understand your woman’s body. Sex is not meant to be enjoyed by men, and endured by women.”

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“The greatest things are freely giving, life, love, joy, smiles, hugs, inner peace, blessings, family, friends, nature. Gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions. Once expressed, it changes attitude…”

“The mindset of wanting to learn and choosing to learn will always enrich your lives. We can’t assume we know everything because when we stop learning we stop living.”

“Let the beauty of what you love to be what you do. Let’s just be who we really are.”

“You were made original, do not die as a copy.”

“Sometimes in life, we plan but the guys you surround yourself with got other plans… If you can’t beat them, you are forced to join them.”

“You can be a religious person without being a spiritual person and you can be a religious person while also being a spiritual person. They can exist together at the same time. One does not depend on the other to work. Religion and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.”

“We see the difficulty, God sees destiny. Don’t let doubt separate us from our blessings.”

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Beverly Naya

Awards Of Beverly Osu

  • Nigerian top Video Vixen
  • Model of the Year at the Dynamix Award – 2011.

Entrepreneurial Lesson From Beverly Osu

Stay True to Your Self

All the while Beverly was in the BBA house, she stayed true to herself. She never pretended to be who she is not. Being herself made people love her and that attracted a huge fan base. Although she didn’t emerge as the winner, she sealed several endorsement deals worth fortunes.

As an entrepreneur, stay true to yourself and don’t try to be someone else. Being your self might be what you need to get that huge contract you’ve been expecting.

Don’t give up

Beverly Osu left Babcock university due to personal reasons, but she didn’t give up. Instead, she decided to use an alternative means to attain her certificate.

As an entrepreneur, when faced with difficulties, or obstacles, do not back off, instead, look for an alternative route. There would always be an option, like a plan B, C, down to Z.

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Believe in yourself and ignore naysayers

As an entrepreneur, no one can believe in you, more than you believe in yourself. You alone fully understand your goals and aspirations. The depth with which you believe in yourself determines how others would believe in you. Naysayers would always surface, but if you believe in yourself, you would ignore them and focus on important things.

People have talked down on Beverly severally, but she ignores them all and focus on her career. This is one of the best attitudes an entrepreneur can possess.

Are you doing something amazing in the entrepreneurial space and you want the world to hear about it? Reach out to tell your story.

Image Credit: @beverly_osu (Instagram)



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