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Jim Iyke: Biography And Entrepreneurial Exploits Of Nollywood Bad Boy

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke is a Nollywood actor, a film and music producer, a philanthropist, and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Untamed Productions, Untamed Records, and the Jim Iyke Foundation. He is also the pioneer of the Jim Iyke Unscripted Reality Tv Show.

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Jim Iyke Background

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Jim Iyke was born on the 25th of September 1976, to Mr and Mrs Stephen Esomugha in Libreville, Gabon. He is the only boy amongst his siblings. He hails from Enugu Agidi village in Anambra State.

Jim Iyke had his primary school education at Gabon and relocated to Nigeria after his primary education. On returning to Nigeria, he enrolled at the Federal Government College, Kwali, Abuja, for his secondary education. Afterwards, he went to the University of Jos where he studied Psychology. He also has a diploma in Banking and Finance.

Jim Iyke has a son, Harvis Chidubem Iyke with Dana Kinduryte.

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke Career

After Jim Ike graduated from the University, he relocated to Lagos and became a Model. His drive to succeed motivated him to join the fast growing Nigerian industry – Nollywood. He commenced his Nollywood journey in 2001.

His acting, fashion, and speaking style earned him the title – Nollywood bad boy. He is also a screen favourite. Thus far, Jim Iyke has featured in over a hundred and fifty movies and is a multiple award winner.

Jim Iyke is the founder and CEO of Untamed Productions, Untamed Records, Untamed Cars, and Space Boutique. He also has business interests in real estate, event management, and Oil and gas.

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Jim Iyke’s Filmography

2004 – 2010

  • World of Angels
  • Heavy Heart
  • The Intruder
  • Crossroads
  • Definition of Love
  • Jungle of Heirs
  • Dream maker
  • The Siege
  • Between two Worlds
  • Road to Hell
  • One Love
  • Cruz
  • Perfect Planner
  • The Desperate Housewife
  • Deadly Kiss – 2004
  • Strongholds – 2006
  • Games Men Play – 2006
  • Heartbeats – 2008
  • Beyonce and Rihanna – 2008
  • Dead End – 2009
  • Between Kings and Queens – 2010

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Jim iyke

2012 – 2019

  • Pink Poison – 2012
  • King’s Battle – 2012
  • My First Wife – 2012
  • I Quit – 2012
  • Romantic Agony – 2012  
  • Last Flight to Abuja – 2012
  • Who is the Man – 2012  
  • Cruz 1 and 2 – 2013
  • And Then There Was You – 2013
  • Runaway Prince 1 and 2 – 2014
  • The Mistress – 2014
  • Palace War – 2014  
  • One Night Stand – 2014
  • Saint Among Thieves – 2015
  • When Love Comes Around – 2015  
  • Stalker – 2016
  • A Star in Heaven – 2017
  • American Driver – 2017  
  • Love Birds – 2018
  • Seven and a Half Dates – 2018
  • Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons – 2018  
  • Cultural Clash – 2019
  • Cold Feet – 2019

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Jim Iyke

UnTamed Productions

Jim Iyke established Untamed Productions in 2007. Untamed Productions have innovative filmmakers and uses its ultra-modern production equipments to transform movie productions in Africa. Its core niche is to write and develop scripts.

The company also organizes fundraising activities and programs for the Jim Iyke foundation. Since its existence, the production company has produced and distributed over five movies. These movies include perfect choice, Ebony, Good Evening, Shades of White, and 2Dollaz.

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UnTamed Records

Jim Iyke established his music label – Untamed Records in 2009. He produced an album titled – Who Am I? under Untamed Records. In the album, he featured some of Nigeria’s top-rated musicians like TuFace Idibia and Sound Sultan. The record label also caters to the soundtracks of all Untamed Production movies.

UnTamed Cars

Jim Iyke is also a car dealer, whose clientele is mostly the creme d’ la creme in the society. The Untamed Cars clientele base include politicians, celebrities, and well to do businessmen.

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Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke Foundation

The Jim Iyke Foundation is a not for profit organisation established by Jim Iyke to provide better education and ensure the well-being of the less privileged children in Africa.

Jim Iyke’s foundation is said to be the most successful independently-run celebrity foundation in Nigeria. Thus far the foundation has organised programmes to enlighten people in Ghana, Liberia, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos. The Foundation partnered with Pepsi, Nicon Hilton Hotel, and Indomie Noodles to organize a 6000 children walk against poverty, and child illiteracy in Nigeria.

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Jim Iyke Quotes

“The African youth must change their economic narrative.”

“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence.”

“Hard work and persistence have kept me in great mental form without fail every time.”

“Live your life to the fullest while you can, avoid bad energy by every means necessary.”

“Still waters run deep, back to back.”

“My tongue and thoughts have created enigmas in my life. I own its powers without question.”

“Being different is often misunderstood by eyes afar; a severe price tag. But discerning eyes understand its potency and inevitability.”

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Awards And Nominations Of Jim Iyke

  • Best actor at the Afro North American Award
  • Three-time winner of the Teenage Choice Award
  • Best youth role model
  • Best Actor at the Afro North America Award – 2006
  • Teen Favorite Award – 2006  
  • Sexiest Man in Nigeria – 2008
  • Best actor at the Africa Entertainment Award, New York – 2009
  • Mode Men Magazine named Jim Iyke Best actor – 2011
  • Best actor at the Anambra State award – 2012
  • Pan African Actor nominee at the Cameroon Entertainment Awards – 2012
  • Screen Nation Award for Best Actor of the decade – 2012   
  • Award for his role in the movie – Last Flight to Abuja at the Kampala Nile Awards – 2012
  • Entertainment Entrepreneur Award at the Kampala Nile Awards – 2012  
  • Best Actor at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) – 2015
  • Festival Prize at The People’s Film Festival, New York – 2017
  • Most Popular Actor by NET Honours – 2019

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Net Worth Of Jim Iyke

According to informationcradle.com, Jim Iyke is worth $30million.

Life Lesson From Jim Iyke

Multiple Streams Of Income Is Essential

One source of income is usually not enough. Jim Iyke understands this, and has business interest in different sectors of the economy. His businesses range from acting to movie production, to singing, real estate, oil and gas transportation, and event management.

Hard Work Is Essential To Success

A lazy man can never be successful. Even if he makes money through dubious means, it can’t stand the test of time. To be truly successful, one needs to work hard and be consistent at doing it. Jim Iyke is a hard worker. If he isn’t on set of a movie, he is at work, managing all his other businesses, and making good money.

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Image Credit: @jim.iyke (Instagram)



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