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Business Ideas: A Definitive List Of All The Business Ideas You Need

Are you looking to go into business? Are you looking for some of the best business ideas that you can start implementing on immediately? In this definitive guide, we have compiled the web’s most comprehensive list of business ideas. Read through, and let us know if you found value!

Online Business Ideas


Blogging is one of the most profitable online business ideas that you can engage. It is easy to start but requires a lot of consistency and commitment to learning. As you will realise during the course of reading this article, research is an important aspect of starting an online business idea. So, if you want to go into blogging, you must properly research the best niche to blog about, paying attention to what is valuable to your target audience.

When considering a blog niche, think about things that you are already passionate about. That way, you will not find it too tasking to create topics and write blog posts.

How To Make Money From Blogging

  • Google Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Ads Spaces

Social Media Manager

Social media management is one of the online business ideas that can fetch you good money. Thankfully, you can start your social media management career with little or no initial investment. You can start out by taking the Facebook Blueprint Course, the Twitter Flight Academy as well as a number of other free social media management courses that are available online. 

After that, you can then start messaging brands directly on social media proposing to help them manage their social media platforms for a token. If you can nail some deals, you will be well on your way to a successful career as a Solopreneur Social Media Manager.

Social Media Consultant

Social media consulting is a little bit different from social media management. As a social media consulting business, you will be offering your clients more in terms of strategy than actual management. Even though many social media consultants also manage their clients’ social media pages, the focus with consulting is more tilted towards creating social media strategies that will help boost engagement, conversations, and the growth of the client’s social media platforms.

To become a social media consulting agency, you must either be or have people on your team that has gathered a lot of experience in social media management, social media strategy, and social marketing to mention a few.

Facebook Ads Consultant

This is a particularly interesting online business idea because you do not need any capital to start this business. All you need to do is to learn how to set up and optimise Facebook ad campaigns.

You will be surprised how many people out there want to run Facebook ads but either do not have the technical know-how to run their campaigns or the time to monitor the campaigns.

As a Facebook Ads Consultant, you will be seeking out companies that need your services and expertise, then charge them a percentage for your service. Many Facebook Ads Consultants charge between 10%-20% of the total ads budget as their service charge.

Google Ads Consultant

Google Ads Consultancy is one of the most viable online business ideas. It entails you helping organisations to set up and monitor Google Ads for a fee.

To be a successful Google Ads Consultant, you need to have strong expertise in Google ads, keyword research, and analytics. 

You should be able to set up Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads and Youtube Ads via the Google Ads network.

Social Media Influencer

If you have a considerable followership on social media, you can offer your services as a social media influencer.

Social media influencers are typically individuals on social media who have a big enough followership that brands want to work with them. So, if you have a strong enough followership, then you should join some influencer networks and start making money.

Domain Flipper

Domain flipping is the practice of buying domain names at a cheap price, then selling those same domains for profit.

One of the best ways to flip domains is by buying domain names in valuable niches where you perceive that people will want, then holding on to it until an entrepreneur wants that same domain, then you can negotiate to sell the domains at a good price.

Many domain flippers make as much as $1,000 dollars from a single domain sale.

SEO Consultant

Another fantastic online business idea is offering SEO consultancy. SEO Consultancy is the process of planning, implementing, and managing your client’s overall SEO strategy. 

Your duties as an SEO Consultant will include web analytics, content planning, keyword research, keyword strategy, and link-building activities.

Online Public Relations Consultant

As with other fields, public relations has also seen the growth of a new field due to the explosion of the internet. Online public relations or E-PR as it is also known, is the use of the internet to communicate with a company’s target audience(s). 

You can offer your service as an online public relations expert if you build a strong relationship with bloggers, online newspapers, and other websites in various niches.

Media Buyer

Media buying is one of the best online business ideas that you can start immediately. It works in such a way that you can contact organisations and offer to help them buy advert spaces on top websites where their target audience visits. 

To be successful at media buying, you need to be able to offer organisations something that they can not get themselves either by giving them a more affordable price or getting them access to websites they can’t get themselves.

Media buying is a great way to kickstart your entrepreneurship journey and you can start right away.


Do you enjoy talking and sharing valuable information with an audience? Then podcasting might be the best online business idea. Create a free podcast, and build your audience up to the stage where you can start earning from advertising and sponsorship deals. If you grow your podcast to become very successful, you can even consider selling merchandise, or joining subscription-based platforms like Patreon.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising people’s products and services, then earning a commission from every sale you make from your unique link. If done properly, you stand a chance of earning a decent living from affiliate marketing, but it takes a lot of work and commitment. Are you are a niche blogger? Then you should seriously consider affiliate marketing as a source of income on your blog.

If you don’t own a blog, you can still run your affiliate marketing business by advertising goods and services on social media and earning a commission from every sale.

There are many affiliate marketing networks out there, and a simple Google search will spoil you for options. However, make sure that you research every network and ensure they are trustworthy before you spend time and resources on marketing.

Youtube Creator

Another great online business idea for entrepreneurs to take advantage of is becoming a Youtube Creator. Pursuing a Youtube Creator career is fulfilling when you choose the right niche and are focused on growth.

Creating on Youtube channel gives you the option of earning through the Google Ads network, sponsorship, direct advertising, and selling merchandise.

First, create a niche for yourself, be creative with your videos, and ensure the titles of the videos are catchy. You can start with Do-It-Yourself videos.

To start, create an account on YouTube, upload videos, and apply for the YouTube Partner Program. The program allows you to make money from the ads displayed on your videos.

As you become popular, brands will reach out to you to feature them on your videos and you can make big money from that. There are other ways you can make money from online videos. Stay glued to this platform and we will show you how in subsequent content.

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Website Designer

You can also start your entrepreneurship journey online by offering website designing services. If you can design websites, you can start your online business by contacting small businesses and asking to help them design or redesign their websites for a fee. To become a successful web design entrepreneur, you should know how to buy domain names, buy hosting services, and design websites.

Virtual Assistant

Online Business Ideas
Image Credit: Canva

A virtual assistant is typically an individual who works from home or a remote location to render administrative services to a client. Virtual assistants are often experienced in office administration, clerical work and the likes.

There are many business owners online who are looking for virtual assistants to help them handle their emails, schedules, calls and other administrative duties.

To excel as a virtual assistant, you must have people’s management skills and must possess great communication skills. You get paid as you work and you can get rich in time if you build your clientele.

Virtual assistant business is gradually becoming one of the best online business ideas trending today with a remote style of operation. Also, a virtual assistant must always give situation reports to their clients regularly either through email, phone calls, or through any other agreed medium.

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Remote Customer Support

With the growth of the internet and the development of new customer support applications, there is now a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer their services as remote customer support executives to companies all over the world.

Most times, all you need to do your customer support service for an organisation is your headset and access to the company’s call centre software to start responding to customers.


Dropshipping is the process of selling third-party products online and having the manufacturer fulfil the order while you earn a commission for the sale.

Dropshipping is a very popular online business that requires less capital and is easy to start. A dropshipping business can be done from any location as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

You don’t need to keep goods in stock. You simply transfer the customer’s orders and shipping address to the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

To succeed in this business, you need to build formidable relationships with your suppliers that will help you effectively manage your supply chain. To begin, you can create and select a profitable niche, secure a supplier and create a customer acquisition plan.

If you want to start an e-commerce business and you don’t have enough money to source for products, you can build a website, and apply to dropshipping networks to display their products and have them fulfill the orders.

It is a simple and foolproof way to begin an online business.

Digital Course Creator

You can also start your entrepreneurship business online by creating amazing courses that you can sell on popular Edtech websites like Udemy, Udacity, Skillshare, and the likes.

To succeed as a digital course creator, you need to identify a need in the market, then create a course that provides a solution to that problem.

CV And Cover Letter Writer

If you have experience writing CVs and cover letters for job applicants, you can offer your service to job applicants online. There’s a huge market of job applicants out there who don’t have an understanding of how to format their CVs and cover letters. You have a ready market if you can offer these services to them. You should also consider offering LinkedIn profile optimization as one of your services.

Forex And Stock Trader

For entrepreneurs interested in the capital market, you might consider investing in forex and stock trading. Forex trading involves buying and selling foreign currencies, while stock trading entails buying stocks of popular organisations when they are a bit cheaper and selling when the price increases.

Forex and stock are both very volatile markets, and you should only go into trading these instruments if you know your way around it.

E-commerce Owner

If you have enough capital and experience, consider going into e-commerce ownership. This involves starting and owning your own e-commerce platform. 

E-Commerce is an amazing online business idea especially if you can identify a gap in the market and fill that gap. It involves a lot of innovating and staying ahead of trends.

Content Writer

Content Writer
Image Credit: Canva

Content writing is one of the best online business ideas. If you are great at writing blogs, articles, and other forms of content, you should consider offering your service as a content writer to blogs and businesses.

Since content is the livewire of most marketing campaigns for businesses, there’s always a need for a content writer. Working as a freelance content writer can become a viable means of earning a living if you position yourself properly.

As a writer, you can build an online presence, pitch your business to prospective clients, and also create a great relationship with other writers in your field.

Freelance writers focus on a niche that is of human interest and provide information on them. It requires great professionalism, so you have to write and deliver as a professional.

Your experience, location, and skill are very paramount to your success in this area. You may decide to charge per hour, day, or per article depending on your agreement with your client.

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Ebook Creator

There are a number of software and tools out there that you can use for creating e-books and e-books covers without necessarily having graphic design skills. With this knowledge, you can start offering your services to writers and businesses as an ebook creator. With the right traction, you should be able to make a decent living out of your business as an ebook creator.

App Creator

Whether you have the technical know-how to create a mobile app or you just have an amazing idea that you want to bring to fruition, you can become an app entrepreneur. 

Identifying the need for an app and building it to solve problems has the potential of catapulting your online business to greater standards. 

Mobile apps developers are on the increase today. Although it is not as easy as people think, with hard work, you can become successful at it. You can either work from home or get attached to a company. There are many platforms where you can enlist your services to find clients.

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Photo Seller

Do you take great pictures? Then you should sign up and become a stock photography seller. There is an abundance of websites where you can sell your stock photographs online. And if you take great pictures of things people are looking for, chances are that you have a strong chance of building an amazing photography business online.

Online Researcher

Many organisations need to do research from time to time but don’t have enough time to handle it, neither can they afford to hire an in-house researcher. Therefore, they turn to freelance online researchers to help them.

Offering your service as an online researcher will need you to understand researching on the web, using survey tools as well as other research tools available on the internet and offline.


Copywriting is the act of writing text for advertisement purposes or for promotional materials. It is different from general writing in that it is always meant to convince people to buy the product or service the copy is talking about.

If you are great at writing convincing copy that helps stir people to buy from companies and individuals, then you should consider offering copywriting services.

Copywriting is one of the creative online business ideas you can start. It is the act of creating promotional, informative, and persuasive text that can be used for marketing or advertising campaigns or on a website. It is the production of advertising copy that increases a brand’s awareness.

As a copywriter, there is no limit to the copy you can create. You will create billboard posts, lyrics, sales letters, social media posts, email marketing content, jingle and brochures, and other marketing materials.

You can work as a copywriter from home and make six figures a month. To succeed in this business, you need to research, broaden your knowledge, and organise your thoughts in a way that your copy will capture the intended audience.

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Online Telemarketer

Telemarketing is the process of selling products and services via the telephone. Telemarketing is usually done via a technique known as cold calling. With cold calling, telemarketers make unsolicited phone calls to prospects and leads trying to convince them to buy from their organisations.

If you are good at speaking convincingly and selling, then you should consider offering telemarketing services to organisations.

Lead Generation Expert

One of the biggest problems that businesses deal with is lead generation. So, if you are very good at generating new leads, many businesses will be more than happy to pay you for your services.

Freelance Transcription Expert

Are you amazing at transcribing audio and video files into text? There is a huge market out there for online freelance transcription experts. In most cases, you will be paid depending on the length of the file that you are transcribing, but you can also negotiate based on the hours of work you are required to put in. The choice is yours to make.

Business Plan Writer

The way to create wealth is by identifying a problem and creating a solution to the problem. A business plan is seen as a hefty document which is why business owners are always reluctant to prepare one.

The business plan is an integral document that every business owner should have. Most businesses are comfortable outsourcing this document out to someone who is experienced in writing a business plan that will make investors keep knocking at your door to invest in your business.

Business plan writers provide written business plans to their clients. They conduct market research and gather relevant information that will ensure the success of the business.

If you are an expert on writing a business plan, proceed by building a web presence for your business and start reaching out to clients. As always, word of mouth and reviews from satisfied clients does the magic.

Email Marketing Expert

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to advertise online. As a result, many companies and entrepreneurs want to engage in email marketing. But the problem is that they don’t know how to craft engaging email content, and they don’t know how to set up email campaigns. Therefore, if you are good at email marketing, you can start your online business as an email marketing expert. To attract clients, market via email marketing or by networking at business events.

Online Counsellor

Are you a trained counsellor? Can you identify a niche online that people have not taken advantage of? Then you can offer your services online as a counsellor. There are so many areas you can choose from including business counselling, children counselling and a number of others.

Video Editor

Video editing is an amazing skill to have today. In marketing circles, it is a known fact that videos convert far more than any other form of content. As a result, many marketers and organisations are always on the lookout for individuals that can help them create amazing, engaging videos. If you have video editing skills and the know-how to network on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and Upwork, you will never lack gigs.

Online Tutor

If you are a teacher, you already have a skill that is needed all around the world. All you need to do differently is to offer your services on the world wide web. If you are confused about how to start, search for Edtech platforms that are already hiring online tutors, and then work your way up from there.

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Many companies need to create lead magnets. To do this effectively, they need documents like e-books, PDFs, whitepapers, and the likes. But the trick is that they want to own those documents but do not have the time to create them. Therefore, you can offer your service as a ghostwriter to these organisations, and make good money from the arrangement.

You write a document that is valuable to them for marketing purposes, and they pay you for your services.

Press Release Writer

Another writing business that you can start online today is offering your service as a press release writer to small businesses. Many small businesses need free coverage by the press, and they know that their best bet to get free media coverage is by writing amazing press releases with newsworthy information. As a result, they are very willing to pay qualified press release writers who can help them achieve their goals.

Data Entry Specialist

If you are good with software like Excel and Google Sheet then you should consider offering your service as a data entry specialist. Data entry specialists typically are good with searching for information on the internet or elsewhere and then entering the information into a database.

If that sounds like something you can do, then you can offer your services online.


Proofreading is one of the online business ideas to explore. Do you have an eye for identifying grammar and punctuation problems in a document? Are you good with editing text? Then you can offer your service as a proofreader online.

Many authors and entrepreneurs are online every day seeking affordable proofreaders who can help them make their written text better. If you are good at proofreading, it should be on your agenda to offer your service online.

Data Analyst

If you are good at analyzing and interpreting data, then you might want to consider starting an online business as a data analyst. Data is the future and the present when it comes to how top organisations make decisions. So, if you are talented in data analysis, you will have a thriving online business if you set it up properly.

Newsletter Designer

Do you know how to design an email newsletter? Then you should offer your service to companies who are looking for services like yours.

Speech Writer

If you are an orator or someone who can write amazing speeches that will connect with a wide variety of audiences, you might want to consider starting a business as an online speechwriter.

Other Online Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Clothes Reseller

You can become a clothes reseller online in a few simple steps. The first step you can take is by visiting some local thrift stores and buying really good items. After that, you can set up online shops on major online marketplaces in your country. Thereafter, take pictures, upload, and start selling. It is that easy!

Ebook Publisher

The secret to having a successful online business is by offering a service that people need but can’t do themselves. Ebook publishing is one of those skills that are high in demand but very few people actually have the skills. Can you publish ebooks to Kindle, Amazon, Okada Books and other platforms? You should offer your service to authors and entrepreneurs looking to publish their books to those platforms.

Ecommerce Seller

You can become a seller on e-commerce platforms. Procure quality goods that are high in demand online, and register on e-commerce platforms as a seller, then begin making sales and earning constantly.

However, please note that to succeed as an ecommerce seller, you must have a strong knowledge of what is high in demand online.

Chatbot Consultant

With the growth of marketing channels, a new field has emerged in marketing called chatbot marketing. It involves setting up chatbots on Facebook Messenger as websites to automatically market your products to visitors.

If you are experienced with creating and setting up chatbots for marketing, you should consider offering that as a service.

CRM Setup Consultant

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are very important for marketing today, but they can be very tasking to setup. If you are someone who knows how to setup CRM tools and processes, many organisations will be willing to pay you handsomely for your service.

Virtual Accountant

Many small businesses need to do their accounting periodically, but can’t afford to hire a full-time accountant. Therefore, if you are an accountant, you should consider offering your service as a freelance virtual accountant to these type of organisations.

Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists are also high in demand. Animators, advertisers and videographers are always on the lookout for people with good voiceover skills to work with. If you have a great voice and are comfortable with recording equipment, then you should consider this business path.

HR Consultancy

If you are an experienced human resources professional, you can offer your service online as an HR Consultant. HR Consultants typically help organisations hire new staff, do staff appraisals, and handle general human resources activities like leave approval, queries and others.


You should offer your services online if you are amazing at creating animations and other forms of motion graphics. Animations, whiteboard animations, and other forms of motion graphics are amazing for advertising, so marketing managers and business owners are always looking to work with animators.

Presentation Slides Creator

If you can create stunning presentation slides, business owners and executives are always on the lookout for people like you that they can work with. So, you should start an online business as a presentation slides creator.

Grant Writer

Are you a talented grant writer who knows the inner workings of how grant applications are scored and approved? Then you should offer your service online as a business grant writer. Many business owners and entrepreneurs will be willing to work with you to help them secure grants.

Vacation Renting Business

The vacation renting business is one of the simplest online business ideas with which you can make good money. If you own property or live in a property that you have oversight over, you can start putting your apartment up on services like Airbnb for short-lets.

Investment Advisor

If you understand investment thoroughly and are good with advising clients on the best opportunities to put their money on, then starting your business as online investment advisors could be one of the best online business ideas.

To succeed, position yourself as an authority in this field, and spend a bit of money in marketing yourself to prospective customers.

Bulk SMS Reseller

Becoming a bulk SMS reseller is another online idea that you can start immediately. All you need to do to start this business is to register on any of the bulk SMS platforms that offer reselling plans, then build your own website and install their API. With that, you are ready to start your online business.

Hosting Services Reseller

Starting a hosting services reseller business is quite similar to starting a bulk SMS reseller business. You choose a hosting service provider that allows reselling, then buy an amount of hosting space, and you can start selling your hosting services immediately.

To succeed in this business, it is advisable that you build a website of your own, and use your hosting partner’s API.

Used Car Seller

One of the online business ideas you can start is selling used cars online. Even more appealing is the fact that you don’t need a capital to start this business. All you need is your phone and an internet connection. So how do you go about it?

All you need to do is to locate cars that their owners have already labeled for sale. Call the car owners, and ask them the price. After getting that information, you can then take pictures of the car, and post on online marketplaces adding the price and your commission fee.

It is an amazing way to start your own online business with no financial commitment.

Personal Shopper

There are many busy people who will be happy to pay you to help them shop and buy groceries. All you need to do is to identify these people and pitch them your business. You will render this service to them for a fee.

Delivery Business

An integral aspect of online business is logistics. E-commerce merchants and online sellers need a service provider who can help them deliver physical goods and packages to customers. This is where delivery services come in.

To set up a successful logistics business, you need to have a means of transporting your clients’ parcels and products from one place to the other. You can decide to get bicycles, motorcycles, or even delivery vans depending on your budget and the terrain you want to do business in.

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Agriculture Business Ideas

Leafy Vegetables Farming

Nigerians are a vegetable-loving people. Leafy greens like cabbages, lettuce, waterleaf, and ugu are in demand throughout the year. Combined with vegetables’ richness in vitamins and minerals, you really can’t go wrong with vegetable farming.

Vegetable farming is a mode of farming that requires little maintenance and is profitable even on a small-scale. The leafy greens business is one you can start with only as little as ₦50,000 for an entire hectare of land. This amount covers seedlings, stem cuttings, manure, and even labour.

For your vegetable farm, you will want to select a small plot of land that is close to a steady water source. This is because vegetables usually require a lot of water to grow well. It is also best to plant disease-resistant species of your favourite vegetables to ensure that you don’t lose any of your profits. When it is time for harvest, you cut the leaves and stems and sell them to consumers.

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Beans Farming

Nigerians consume beans in massive amounts all over the country. Rich in protein and used for dishes like gbegiri, akara, and moi-moi, you can be sure that there will always be a market for beans.

Beans farming is very straightforward. In summary, you would need a piece of land that is loosened and well-drained i.e. not waterlogged. Beans are usually planted in June and harvested 60 – 80 days after planting. No fertilizer is necessary unless the fertility of the soil is very low. To launch your beans farming business, you would need just a little over ₦40, 000 in start-up capital for a hectare of land.

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Maize Farming

Maize is also a great plant for farming. By-products of maize, like corn oil, pap, custard, corn-starch, and even alcohol, are consumed all over.

Also, maize is a very hardy plant and needs little to no maintenance. As long as you plant in pest-free and well-drained sandy-loamy soil, you’re in business.

Maize also happens to grow in different climatic conditions as long as there is a steady source of sunlight. This means that maize can be cultivated almost anywhere in Nigeria. When you consider its very low start-up capital and the bountiful harvest you can expect after only 3-4 months, you’ll see that maize is one of the smartest agriculture business ideas for any newbie farmer.

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Cassava Farming

At least 90% of Nigerian households consume cassava products every day, from garri to fufu. We call it the ‘golden crop of Africa’ for a reasonCassava crops can grow well in different types of soil as their roots make use of nutrients other plants might not have access to.

However, with fresh cassava stem cuttings and well-drained soil, you can look forward to a bountiful harvest between 7 and 18 months after planting. This range depends on the variety of cassava you planted. With an average production cost of ₦80,000, a corresponding profit of ₦120,000 is a reasonable expectation.

Also, instead of just selling the cassava roots, why not try out cassava processing? This is another gold mine in the agriculture industry. Garri, tapioca, fufu, and starch are just some of the many options available.

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Chicken Farming

You can actually start a chicken farm from close to nothing and watch it expand rapidly. Chicken farming is cheap to start, easy to maintain and you can be certain that there will always be a demand for your product.

Also, week-old broiler chicks are available for an average of ₦250 each. By investing about ₦50,000 into buying chicks and high-quality feed, you can expect a 100% return on your investment after only a few months.

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Bee Farming

Bee farming is one of the most underrated businesses in Nigeria. Honey is precious on the market and suppliers of fresh honey can expect to make serious income.

One advantage of bee farming is that it doesn’t require much space or attention; the bees already know what they are doing, after all. Furthermore, bee farming doesn’t need a lot of capital. You invest as little or as much as you want to, and you don’t even need a piece of land.

Still, it is advisable to set up your beehives (boxes where bees are kept) close to fruit trees. The resulting pollination will multiply your harvest. 

A litre of fresh honey goes for between ₦1,500 and ₦2,000. After some training, you can expect at least 11 litres of honey from a single beehive every 7 months. Talk about passive income!

Cucumber Farming

Cucumbers are a highly nutritious and filling vegetable, with a high water content ideal for healthy skin. Cucumber is extremely popular amongst Nigerians and is in constant demand all-year-round. Additionally, it is highly disease-resistant and can be harvested in all weathers.

All you need to invest in is some Thai or Murano cucumber seeds and rich soil with high water content. It also doesn’t hurt to set up your cucumber farm close to an abundant water source. Cucumbers are usually harvested 40 to 60 days after planting.

According to one cucumber farmer, you should expect a profit of ₦2m in 3 months with an investment of ₦600,000 on a hectare of land. Of course, you can scale your profits according to the capital you are willing to put in.

Snail Farming 

Both locally and internationally, the demand for snails is far greater than the supply. Whether you choose to go small-scale or large-scale in your snail farming business, you’re sure to rake in a steady income.  You’ll be spending your start-up capital on mature snails, a snail house, and vegetables to feed the snails.

The Achatina achatina species of snail is best suited for the Nigerian climate.  Depending on how much you are willing to invest, you can buy several mature snails of these species for your farm.  

Next, you will want to construct a small house for your snails in which they can move about freely. One mature achatina achatina snail produces up to 1200 eggs every year: about 400 eggs 3 times a year.

After a year, when these snails mature, you can sell a single one for at least ₦250. With an initial cost of just ₦60,000 to purchase mature snails, food, and housing, you will be enjoying millions of Naira in profit within a few years.  

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Design Business Ideas

Graphics Design

Graphics design is the most common of design business ideas that anyone can start in Nigeria. It is the use of visual compositions to communicate ideas and solve problems. It is usually done with typography, colour, symbols, form, imagery, and sketch which form messages. The visual element can be created to inspire, transform, persuade, inform, and other objectives that humans can easily comprehend.

Graphics design involves a high level of creativity and can thrive in as many industries as possible. Graphics designers can create a corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, books, newspapers), signage, product packaging, and work in other areas that employ design for visual communication.

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Website Design

Since the advent of the internet, the demand for web designers has remained on the high side. More so, now that building an online presence has become a necessary tool to drive customers’ engagement and increase brand awareness. Therefore, the need for having a website in business cannot be overemphasized.

Website designers design the layout and workflow of the web page. They use their creativity and technical skill to build a functional, aesthetically appealing, and easy to use websites. Most web designers have graphic design skills.

Venturing into a website design business is a good option because it’s a rapidly growing industry with job prospects, future growth, and unending opportunities.

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Video Editing

This is also one of the design business ideas that you can start in Nigeria. Video editing is the process of rearranging video frames to create a new result. It involves the presentation of audio-visual information for film, television shows, adverts, etc. It can also include adding special effects, text, narration, sound in the post-production process.

There are tools and software that can be used for video editing, for example, Lightworks, Avid Media Composer, Hitfilm Express, DaVinci Resolve. To be a professional video editor, you need to learn the skill and be a creative person.

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Jewelry Design

Jewelry design business ideas center on creating jewelry from start to finish. It involves working with beads, metals, gemstones, and diamonds to create wearable pieces of art.

Jewelry designers are usually motivated to share their creativity and style with others. They offer a wide range of products and accessories. Some even specialize in a particular field like wedding bands, brooches, rings, handbags, earrings, necklaces, etc.

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Interior Design

This is one of the thriving design business ideas that require beautifying the interior of homes and offices. It involves coordinating items within a space and making it aesthetically pleasing.

Interior designers can also be called decorators. They can specialize in a particular type of design like kitchen design, lightning solution, living room beautification, event décor, etc. Some interior designers augment their income by selling decorative items e.g flowers, rugs, chairs, mirror, e.t.c.

Unlike other design businesses, interior design business requires stepping out of the home to the client’s location to perform the magic.

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Fashion Design

Fashion design is a common design business idea. It is an art of applying creative designs to clothing and accessories. It involves bringing customer’s descriptions to live taking into consideration size, gender, age, status, etc.

Fashion or clothing designers create designs that can be used by manufacturers to produce items of clothing. First, they conduct research on fashion trends and interpret them on fabrics in a way that will be accepted by the target market.

Fashion designers can design women’s wear, men’s and children’s wear, sportswear, underwear, formal wear, maternity wear, etc.

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Architectural Design

Architectural design business ideas focus on template creation on how a physical building should be structured. It is one of the high in-demand businesses in the world and very profitable. These days, people are willing to hire professionals to design their buildings.

Architecture is a highly skilled field that requires a degree, certification, and experience in the industry. So, if you have the knowledge or interest in it, first, channel your strength to learning the basics or going through the educational route.

Other forms of design businesses you can explore:

  • Automotive design
  • Industrial design
  • Instructional design
  • Software design
  • Strategic design
  • User interface design
  • Costume design

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Retail Business Ideas

1. Gift Shop

A gift shop offers a variety of gift items starting from greeting cards to flowers and souvenirs. It is a wide business area that involves the sale of portable goods. It’s a stop center for all kinds of gift items at all seasons of the year.

For instance, you can create packages for festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, etc. and during special days like Mother/Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, Children, and even Worker’s day celebrations. The varieties of products and service offerings are endless.

Also, you can make extra income by offering extra services like packaging and delivering the gift on behalf of the buyer.

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2. Water, Wine, And Beverage

Water, wine, and beverage business are some of the lucrative retail business ideas you can start anywhere in Nigeria. It is a wide business area that can be independently done.

Basically, the business involves buying as a wholesaler from distributorsimporters, or producers and selling to the final consumer at a profit after putting into consideration the transportation and logistics cost.

Depending on how you sell, you can be patronized when ceremonies like birthday, wedding, child dedication, anniversaries, and graduation ceremonies are held in your vicinity.

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3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy business is one of the sensitive retail business ideas that can be done on a large or small scale. Often called a chemist or drug store, it provides prescription drugs and other small health-related products.

A pharmaceutical store is sensitive such that, it is usually operated by a certified pharmacist or expert in the health-related industry. This will enable them to properly advise on drug selection, prescribe, and counsel patients on health promotion, disease prevention, and on the proper use of medicine.

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4. Fruit Stand

Owing to the high demand for fruit, having a fruit mart is one of the scalable retail business ideas you can do. It has become a trend around the world and a business that sells very fast.

Fruit business involves the sales of fresh seasonal fruit and fruit products. It requires stocking up with the available and most patronised fruits and vegetables like apple, carrot, watermelon, pineapple, cucumber, lemon, orange, banana, cherry, etc. They are arranged in a way that it attracts passersby.

Aside selling of fresh fruit, it can also involve packaging hand-made fruit juice and fruit salad for sale.

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5. Bread, Snacks, And Confectioneries

This is a retail business of making and selling food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates to consumers. The items include cakes, bread, pastries, sweets, chocolate, candies, nut, and other flour and chocolate made products.

It is a business that can begin on a small or large scale. More so, it can be made or ordered in a large quantity from suppliers and sold out in bits to the final consumer within a time frame.

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6. Boutique

This is a retail store that sells fashionable items like shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry, etc. It involves buying clothes as cheaply as possible and selling at a higher price in order to realize more profit. It is an exotic business such that the environment/outlook commands high-income earners in society.

Boutiques usually have specific styles and clothing unique to a particular group of people. Here, goods are purchased according to brand, gender, or price tags and stocked based on the profile of the target customers. It is one of the most profitable and modern retail business ideas.

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7. Stationery & Bookstore

Stationery and bookstore are retail business ideas that sell hand in hand and can be done online and offline. It involves selling books that serve as a source of knowledge, learning, leisure, motivation, or for other purposes. Aside from industry books, you can also sell textbooks, biro, cardboard, exercise books, storybooks, charts, and other educational materials.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for books and knowledge of different authors, this might be a good retail business idea for you. You must ensure to always update your store with new editions and best-selling books.

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8. Interior Design Store

Having an interior design store is one of the exotic retail business ideas that thrive in big cities in Nigeria. It involves selling items that enhance the interior of a building to create a more pleasing and beautiful outlook.

This retail business is mostly done by a certified interior designer or someone who has a knack for art and aesthetics. Aside from selling the design materials, the customers can also hire the service of the seller to decorate the home or office.

These days, the demand for interior design stores is high, therefore, has made the business more lucrative than it was in the past. If you intend to venture into this business, you can look to sell curtains, throw pillows, wall designs, lightning, chairs, tables, and standard furniture that fits bedroom, office, kitchen, living room, bar, and every section of a building.

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9. Hair, Cosmetics And Skin Care Store

This is one of the largest industries in the world today. The demand for hair care, skincare, and cosmetic products have remained on the high side. It’s a beauty supply business and can be operated independently or together with other services. It has to do with getting the right brands that appeal to different people.

Operating hair, cosmetics, and skincare retail stores involve selling a wide range of products like wigs, weaves, shampoos, moisturizers, organic cream, contact lenses, nail polish, makeup, oil control, and all kinds of products that add to human beauty.

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10. Food Store

This is a business that centers on selling food items to people. The food items can be either fresh or preserved, can be cooked, uncooked and they are always displayed in a way that consumers can make their choice.

Food stores sell a wide range of food items at affordable prices. They receive different eatables from manufacturers and sell at a reasonable price to consumers.

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11. Tailoring Materials

Tailoring material business is a low-cost retail business idea. It is profitable and sells everywhere in Nigeria. Tailoring material sellers are sort after by tailors, schools, fashion institute students, and random persons who are in need of fabrics, needles, etc.

The business can be anything from selling thread, needle, fabrics, scissors to tape rule. They make the fashion business easier by selling important things that matter in sewing.

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12. Children Store

This is a retail business idea that focuses on kiddies’ items. It is a baby store that sells clothing items, toys, books, furniture, food, and other children’s needs. Children’s stores can focus on unique designs and products for a particular age grade or center on a specific gender.

Having a baby store is one of the most profitable business ideas that you can start in Nigeria. If you are an entrepreneur with a keen interest in children, starting a baby store is a great option.

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13. Electronics And Appliances

This is a retail business that centers on selling equipment intended for everyday use in homes. It is a lucrative business that thrives both online and offline with everyone being a potential customer. Electronics and appliances can be used at home, offices, factories, etc.

Some of the high demands electronics and appliances include; washing machine, television, refrigerators, vacuums, microwaves, computer and laptop, gas cooker, mixer, blender, e.t.c

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14. Kitchen Items

Kitchen items are also one of the profitable products you can sell. It is a wide business area that involves selling bowls cups, spoons, plates, knife, grater, etc. used for cooking and serving meals. Kitchen items are in high demand at home, bars, hotels, catering schools, and everywhere cooking activities are carried out.

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15. Cooking Gas

Without a cooking gas, kitchen utensils will not be useful. In this modern-day, virtually every home in Nigeria cooks with gas. You can start by buying in bulk from filling plant and selling in kilograms to buyers.

16. Frozen Food

The frozen food business is a retail business idea that has to do with buying, storing, and selling meat like chicken, fish, turkey, etc. It is a very common business that can be on a large or small scale.

In this business, everyone is your customer. All you need is to have a good storage facility and make sure your frozen food items are fresh and free from bad odour and taste.

17. Paint Business

This is a retail business idea where you sell paint and painting equipment. It goes hand in hand with a house painting business. This business requires buying paints from manufacturers or distributors and selling in retail to the final consumers. Your major customers can be painters or individuals or companies buying on behalf of the painter.

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18. Building Materials

This involves selling building materials such as roofing sheets, iron rods, pipes, doors, electrical materials, windows, ceiling materials, etc. It is a very lucrative business that sells more in a new construction site.

19. Animal Care Store

Animal care store is a wide business area that deals with medical supplies for pets, cows, goats; poultry feeds; fish feeds, etc. It can be operated by an entrepreneur who has full knowledge of animal life or a veterinarian.

Animal care stores can offer specific services for a particular animal like dog, chicken, or fish, or all-around animal care.

Congratulation! Now, you know some of the business ideas you can start. Next, I will provide you with steps that you will follow to start the business and become successful.

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Clothing Business Ideas

Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of creating clothes that are aesthetically pleasing. It is a business well suited for those with a high level of creativity and good management skill.

Fashion designers do pattern grading, sewing, draping, weaving, and measuring. They use equipment like sewing machines, tape rule, scissors, seam reaper, needle, and many more. Fashion design can begin on a big or small scale, full or part-time basis, and can start from home or in a big building.

Clothing Line

This is one of the clothing business ideas that offers clothing services to a select target audience for a particular purpose. A clothing line business usually is a collection of apparel designed based on a theme or for a season.

A clothing line involves establishing a business, designing clothes, selecting materials of your choice, and sourcing for a manufacturer who can bring your designs to life. Then, build a sales channel through retail locations or online stores and targeting the right market.

The best way to make your clothing line profitable is to produce clothing items people want, that stands out from existing brands.

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Fashion School

This is one of the clothing business ideas perfect for fashion entrepreneurs who have the experience, knowledge, and can pass it on to others. It is a very profitable business area especially now that people are becoming increasingly fashion conscious and are seeking to have basic knowledge in the field.

Fashion institutes train people on pattern grading, fabric cutting, sewing, designing, drawing, draping, taking measurements, etc. It admits students, trains for a period of time, then certifies them as full-fledged fashion designers.

Fabric Store

This is a clothing business idea that specializes in the sale of fabrics to tailors, fashion enthusiast, or the general populace. A fabric store may sell general craft supplies, sewing machines, and provide expert sewing advice to buyers. They can sell a specific kind of apparel or all kinds of clothing materials.

Depending on what you like, you can operate a fabric store that specializes in imported silks, culturally made materials, or pattern wears. You must ensure to have a reliable supply source and knowledge of the product.

Generally, the quality of what you sell determines the caliber of people that will patronise you.

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Textile Printing

Textile printing involves adding colour and decorative patterns to make a fabric more unique. It is often done in a way that the designs are well bonded with the fabrics to avoid washing and friction. Also, there are methods, techniques, and machines that can help you print your design and decorative pattern.

Garment Manufacturing

Garment manufacturing involves product design, pattern grading, marking, cutting, sewing, checking, finishing, pressing, and packaging of clothing. It is a process of turning raw materials into finished products.

It is a wide business that allows you to focus on the niche that resonates with you. For instance, you can decide to manufacture jackets dealing specifically with Safari jackets or all kinds of jackets.

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This is one of the most common clothing business ideas. It is a specialized type of retail store usually limited in size, scope, and inventory. Boutiques offer unique and stylish clothing, jewelry, and luxury goods. It can be located in enclosed malls, streets of big cities, or places where you can sell goods at high prices.

Most times, boutiques are targeted at a niche market so, find the right location to set up a shop and attract the right audience. They may sell customized or one-of-a-kind fashion products to higher-end buyers.

Uniform Making

Uniform making is one of the lucrative clothing business ideas you can start today. It is high in-demands in schools, businesses, organisations, churches, etc.

In this kind of business, your major clients will likely be banks, airlines, security companies, military and paramilitary groups, truck drivers, health care workers, public transit employees, etc. This is because uniform to these businesses is a tool for branding and a way to communicate their corporate image.

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Sewing And Alteration Service

This is one of the clothing business ideas that require sewing skills. It has become one of the clothing businesses in high demand because no one wants to wear a dress that is not perfectly fitted. So once a new cloth does not fit, the buyer takes it to an alteration shop for adjustment.

Basically, an alteration shop offers services like clothing repair, custom tailoring, button replacement, garment and fabric alteration, etc. It is also a profitable business idea with the potential of having constant patronage. If you have little knowledge of sewing and the necessary equipment, you can begin an alteration service on a full-time or part-time basis.


Embroidery is a clothing business idea that involves decorating fabrics or other materials using a needle, special sewing machine to apply thread or yarn. It can also involve the use of materials like pearls, beads, sequins, quills, and can be done on different kinds of clothing material. It can be done by hands on a small scale or with the use of a machine on a large scale.

Crochet Knitting

This is one of the oldest clothing business ideas that create textiles with the use of crochet hook and yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. It requires a high level of creativity to turn the yarn into a full garment, décor items, or other designs made from fabrics.

Crochet knitting can be done manually or with the use of machines. But you need to choose only good quality supplies so as to have high-quality products for sale.

Costume Rental

This is a business that offers retail sales and renting of costume clothing, props, etc. They offer customers costumes, wigs, and clothing for specific purposes usually for a short period of time.

A costume rental shop can deal with a combination of items for theatre and dance troupes; gown and robe to educational institutions and religious centers; wedding gowns for brides, robes for Santa Claus, etc. If well managed, costume rental can be a lucrative business anywhere in the world.

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Food Business Ideas

Catering Services

Catering is one of the food business ideas that involve cooking, delivering, and serving meals. Caterers may be hired to cook, deliver, and serve meals in schools, churches, hospitals, aircraft, and for occasions. They can do indoor or outdoor services, change the menu to fit specific occasions, and adapt to their client’s plans.

Catering services is a profitable business that allows you the opportunity to travel on local and international trips just to provide cooking services.

Personal Chef

This is a private food business that provides cooking services to individuals. It is usually done in the client’s home kitchen based on needs and preferences. Personal chefs customize a meal plan, shop the groceries (optional), prepare the meals on a particular date, package, and refrigerate.

This job is done by someone with the skill and passion for cooking. They may work on a full-time basis in a restaurant, then serve as chefs on a personal schedule. They are mostly hired by executives or high-net-worth individuals who do not have the time or skill to cook their meals.


A bakery is one of the high in demand food business ideas that sell in all locations. It involves selling flour-based food, baked in an oven. It can be bread, cakes, snacks, pie, and confectioneries. Also, they can sell more than just baked foods by adding coffee, tea, or other drinks to their offering.

Bakery business can start from your kitchen. As your business grows, you can expand and rent a space.


This is a type of food business idea that serves already prepared food and drinks to consumers. Restaurants cater to customers who do not have the time to cook and want to eat as soon as possible. Restaurants usually specialise in one type of meal or have a limited menu at different times of the day. A restaurant can major in local dishes, intercontinental dishes, family-style cafeterias, take-aways, casual dining, and many more.

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Food Kiosk

A food kiosk is a food business done in a temporary booth or stand at bus stops, movie theatre, malls, or other high-traffic locations. It involves selling fast food at different times of the day. For instance, a food kiosk may sell noodles and eggs, smoothies, shawarma, Akara and fried yam, stick meat, suya, bread, and egg, or other kinds of fast meal that comes in handy.

It is one of the profitable food business ideas you can start on a low-budget, and get regular income from.

Food Truck

This is a mobile food vending business that offers a wide range of ready-to-eat food for on-street customers. It can be done with a van or trailer equipped to cook, prepare, serve, and sell food. A food truck is usually situated at the bus top, busy street, or market places where purchased meals can be consumed or taken away. It is often called a restaurant on the wheels.

A food truck can deal on baked items, bread, ice cream, beverage, coffee, salad, or other varieties of dishes. Operating a food truck business does not require huge startup capital when compared to other food businesses like a brick-and-mortar restaurant. The cost of rent is reduced and you can move to any location at any time. You may also vend for events, carnivals or exhibitions, and trade fairs.

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Grocery Store

This is one of the most-popular food business ideas. It is often called a supermarket and involves selling food and other household items. They deal in a wide range of products like uncooked and ready-to-be-eaten food items, drinks, kitchen utensils, flowers, beverages, snacks, and all other kinds of daily items.

A grocery store offers a one-stop-center where you can purchase everything under one roof and make payment at once. Depending on the arrangement, there could also be an opportunity to take online orders and deliver to customers. It is one of the most competitive businesses in the world today, but highly profitable if done right. 

Cooking Classes

This is a perfect food business idea for extreme food lovers who are passionate about cooking and passing on the knowledge to others. It involves offering cooking courses to women, men, singles, couples, and groups.

Cooking classes can be offline or online through videos or text in cookery books or blogsites. However, it is best if is practicable. You will teach different techniques and the right recipes for each meal. Also, it involves teaching about local and international dishes, and food items for different occasions and specific purposes.

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Fruit Mart

Fruit mart is a retailing business that involves selling all kinds of fruit to customers. It requires selling seasonal and non-seasonal fruit items like apple, carrot, cucumber, orange, banana, lemon, watermelon, pineapple, etc. to consumers.

In a fruit mart, fruit items are best arranged in a way that passersby can be attracted to. It is a very profitable business and you can be patronised by all age groups.

Cookery Book

Cookery book is an evergreen revenue stream that allows you to share your deep understanding of dishes with your customers. If you have the skill to cook as many dishes as possible, you can put them into writing and have them sold to customers.

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Personal Trainer Business Ideas

Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructor guides clients in yoga activities. They show students different yoga moves and positions, students watch them do it while making the necessary corrections. Also, they teach yoga philosophy and other complementary areas like breathing exercises, nutrition, and meditation.

Yoga instructors can do one-on-one classes with clients, teach group classes, organise special training, work at fitness centers, or other related facilities. They teach clients major yoga styles like; Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyenga, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin, Restorative, Anusara, and Prenatal Yoga style.

Teaching yoga is one of the interesting personal trainer business ideas as long as you have the knowledge, certification, and passion for the practice.

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Aerobic Centre

This is one of the personal trainer business ideas that involve leading and organizing group exercise sessions in stretching and strength training routines. Aerobic centers offer varieties of aerobic classes and allow students to select and participate in any of the classes based on their fitness goals.

Aerobics training is usually combined with music. It is done with the aim of improving body flexibility, muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, and to help prevent illness. The instructors recommend the best exercise-related materials like sportswear, boots, books, and video on aerobic topics. They also decide the best health and fitness program for their clients.

If you are looking to start a personal trainer business as an aerobics instructor, you must be familiar with these common moves; corner knee, T-step, L-step, Lunges, Split Step, Straddle Down, Over-the-top, I-step, Triple knee, etc. To conduct your training, you can rent a training space.

Fitness Club And Gym

A fitness centre is a well-equipped building where fitness activities are carried out. They provide general muscular exercise involving all parts of the body. Also, they offer cardiovascular, weight training, massages, facials, and anti-aging treatment services.

A fitness centre may employ the services of professional personal trainers to instruct people on different fitness activities like aerobics instructors, yoga instructors, etc. They may also organise group classes and train people in batches.

Fitness centres usually have daily, weekly, or monthly subscription plans for clients and render services to specific groups at the agreed time. Their major aim is to improve the client’s health and fitness using different training methods and equipment.

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Fitness Equipment Selling

This is a valid business idea for experts in the fitness industry. It involves selling fitness clothing and fitness equipment. If you have the skill, you can manufacture the equipment or serve as a distributor/retailer of fitness products. You can also give customers personalised and customized clothing.

You need to understand each of the equipment, their uses, and fashion out how to either create one or source from manufacturers. Once this is done, let your clients try them out, ask for valuable feedback then leverage that to produce more.

Dance Studio

This is a personal trainer business idea that organizes and leads group exercise sessions in music. It involves having the experience and knowledge required to offer dance lessons.

A dance instructor may select the music and choreograph an exercise sequence. They may train people on all kinds of dance or specific dancing styles. Also, a dance instructor teaches a group of people or does one-on-one service with clients for special occasions. They may focus on all ages with or without prior dancing experience.

A dance instructor may also own a dance studio and section each class to happen concurrently with different audience.

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Diet Planner

These days, diet planning is one of the viable personal trainer business ideas where dieticians plan human nutrition and regulate diet. They simply develop a meal time-table and promote it to people. They help clients with healthy eating plans that are specific to their needs.

Diet planners know the right foods to eat to keep fit. They create a blend of tasty food with healthy ingredients. Dietary planners plan food for people in a way that their medical condition can be improved. Aside from planning a time-table, they can also prepare supplements or recommend food items. Besides, they can offer meal videos with instructions for clients to follow.

If you have a nutritional and educational qualification as a dietician, this personal trainer business idea is for you. However, you need to ensure that whatever you are dishing out is what can improve your client’s health.

Exercise Videos

This is about doing fitness and yoga videos for people to practice. It can be segmented into levels both for newcomers and advanced students. It can also be in sections online where students can start and follow the process as it is being done.  

Swim Instructor

This is one of the personal trainer business ideas that involves training people on how to swim. Because swimming is an interesting activity and has a great impact on the body, the skill is high in-demand in Nigeria. Swimming instructors offer swimming lessons and fitness classes for children and adults. They train clients on freestyle, breaststroke, diving, trading, backstroke, and butterfly strokes movement.

Swimming instructors usually offer private training for prospective swimmers. Each lesson is tailored to meet the client’s needs and is unveiled at their pace.

If you have interest in this training idea, you have to be an expert swimmer who can train people on how to move their body to resist water.

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This involves a wide array of personal trainer business ideas. It involves training clients in a particular sport. Coaches teach athletes the required skills to succeed in their chosen field. This can be in boxing, soccer, table tennis, diving, or other kinds of sporting activities.

A professional coach usually has a passion for a field and is willing to help others develop their skill. He trains new people and commits himself to their advancement. Sometimes, he can also teach, lead, and even mentor students. It can involve working with different groups like; children, male, female, adult, or both.

If you are an expert in any sporting activities, coaching other upcoming talents is an idea you should consider.

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Consulting Business Ideas

Accounting Business Consulting

No business can successfully exist without accounting services. The job of an accounting consultant is to advise companies on all financial related matters.

Accounting consultants are leaders in the accounting field and can offer financial advice and solutions to businesses and individuals in the areas of bookkeeping, tax, etc. They specialise in compliance, auditing related services, internal control, etc.

If you are interested in this consulting business idea, you need a degree in accounting and must have attained a level in the professional cadre. Also, you need professional qualifications like Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA), etc.  Then, you need an understanding of different accounting software which will help you expand your knowledge.

Leadership Consulting

Business leaders need to annex all possible skills to inspire their teams for optimum productivity. It is why businesses hire leadership consultants to train and motivate their teams.

Leadership consulting involves offering holistic services to help people develop leadership skills within their organisation so they can collectively achieve the set business goals. They coach executives and help them assess and refine the necessary skills they need to perform as leaders.

If you aim to be a leadership consultant, you must be able to help companies uncover their leadership challenges and opportunities using a number of tools. Afterward, you will suggest the best ways to address the outcome of the assessment.

Aside from having a degree in management, business, and psychology, etc., leadership consultants have strong verbal and written communication skills. Also, they possess vast experience in leadership, the ability to listen to others’ concerns, and strong motivational skills.

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Business Management Consulting

Many businesses understand the importance of involving a business consultant in their start-up and formation stage. So, they hire business managers who are vast in their field to guide them through the formative stage. This can involve guiding them on how to manage available resources and how to overcome different challenges involved in the business.

A business consultant does not only provide services to help businesses start, but they also serve as mentors to prospective entrepreneurs. They understand the challenges of starting a business and so use the knowledge to help start-ups succeed in trying times.

To be a business consultant, you need a background in business administration and a number of certifications in business consulting courses.  

Career Counselling

Career counselling is one of the wide consulting business ideas that offers services to people of different backgrounds. It offers career advice, training, and mentorship. It involves using past experiences, evaluation tools, and knowledge to help clients find possible career choices.

Career consultants provide advice to clients on employment options, career change, and progression, training, work-life balance, etc. They ask questions about the client’s current situation, desired future, skill, talent, and advice based on the response. They may also administer a test, offer practical assistance and organise workshops, seminars, etc.

Career consultants often possess degrees in human resources, psychology, human relation, etc.  They have good interpersonal skills, strong verbal and written communication skills, and unbiased sense of judgment, etc.

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Human Resources Consultant

HR consulting is one of the most profitable consulting business ideas that HR experts can do in Nigeria. Since humans are important to business growth, there is a need to properly manage them. These days, companies hire HR experts from outside to provide high-level solutions and make recommendations to the team.

HR consultants help businesses understand how to better deal with humans so as to have a better output. They deal in talent management and retirement, onboarding of employees, organisational structuring and culture, and can also transform the organisation.

If you wish for a consulting career in Human Resources, consider having a degree in human resources management or organisational leadership.

Educational Consulting

This is one of the lucrative consulting business ideas to venture into. They offer a wide range of services like; admission into school, promotional campaigns, school management consulting, premium staff training, educational techniques, and technologies, education print production services, parents’ and students’ connections to affordable schools.

Educational consultants are trusted individuals that give advice to students on the best universities to attend, the best course to apply for, and then facilitate quick admission. They partner with international schools and agree on sourcing qualified candidates who can apply for admission while they receive a commission for a successful enrollment. Also, they can consult for governmental bodies or individuals who wish to open educational institutions.

They are people who have built a high profile in the educational sector, served as school administrators, and have succeeded in their task. If you want to be an educational consultant, you must have a degree in education.

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Nutrition And Exercise

This is a consulting business idea fit for nutritionists, dieticians, professional fitness coaches, or those in the fitness industry. It involves advising people on the right food and the right exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Offering goal-based nutrition planning services for optimal health, sports performance, muscle building, fat burning, etc are the activities you will find in this field. A consultant in this field can offer one-on-one counselling session with clients, patients, or groups of people.

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Agricultural Consulting

Today, this is one of the most profitable consulting business ideas to venture into because farmers face different challenges daily. Agricultural consultants proffer solutions to agricultural challenges and suggest ways to help farmers boost their output. They may also provide advice on how to get financial support, make more sales, etc.

Aside from having an educational qualification in agriculture, if you are a layman with experience in agriculture, starting a consulting business while you also run your farms is a good way to generate more revenue.

People with the following degrees; Animal Science, Agric Economics and Extension, Horticulture, Crop, and Plant Science, etc. can serve as an agric expert.

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Safety Consulting

This is one of the consulting business ideas in high demand in Nigeria. It involves advising companies, individuals, hotels, schools, etc on the right safety measures.

They may also provide training on health and safety, review safety manuals, analyse incidents, monitor construction projects, etc. A safety consultant should have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or relevant certifications.

IT Consulting

Information and technology is a growing industry with a promising future. With IT, there is no limit to who you can connect with in the world. Similarly, its impact on this modern-day cannot be overemphasized. IT consulting involves advising companies on how to use IT tools to their advantage. They specialise in delivering technology solutions to meet clients’ needs.

If you’re knowledgeable in any of the following IT fields; networking, programming, web and application development, user interface design, SEO, database handling, then you can consult for companies.

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Marketing Consulting

The importance of marketing in business cannot be overemphasized. In order to get the steps right, companies hire the services of marketing consultants to use their knowledge and experience in the field to bring more customers to the business.

Marketing consultants work with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. They evaluate the current marketing efforts, analyse and suggest ways to improve it. They carve marketing messages and suggest how to get it to the target audience using online and offline channels.

If you have the relevant certification with a proven record of how your marketing prowess has impacted businesses, this is for you. As a marketing consultant, you will be saddled with the responsibility of coming up with practicable ideas on how to drive traffic and increase patronage to a business.

Legal Consultant

This business consulting idea is for lawyers. It involves providing advice to clients on legal matters and offering legal solutions based on the constitution binding the practice. For instance, you can advise on tax-related matters, business registration, corporate matters, family matters, properties, etc.

Other prominent consulting business ideas include;

  • Fund-raising Consulting
  • Editorial Consulting
  • Writing Professional
  • Public Relations Consulting
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Advertising Consulting
  • Event Planning Consulting
  • Fashion Consulting

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Education Business Ideas

1. Private Nursery/Primary/Secondary School Business

Do you have a passion for impacting knowledge into others or you are just interested in running a private school? The private school business is a smart choice. When you hear about the education business, this is the business idea that first comes to mind.

Private schools offer high-quality education and are not managed by the state. Starting a private school gives you the opportunity to provide a valuable service to families with children in your community. A lot of people in this business started small and you can also begin that way if you don’t have the required resources to start big immediately.

Truly, starting a school can be quite challenging, so if you want to start one, you need to make sure you have a reasonable understanding of the cost and the resources needed to successfully run the business.

First, create the vision and mission statement and core values that will guide the school’s operation, because it will help you in making key decisions. Apart from acquiring a conducive and safe location for your school, you will also need financial, legal, leadership, and real estate knowledge.

Also, understand your target market so that you can figure out where and how to advertise. You will also need to hire and train staff as you progress. Needless to say, you must be knowledgeable and experienced in this business before you venture into it.

Nursery school is easier to start than primary and secondary, so you can rent a small space, and begin with that.

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2. Business Tutoring Services

Business tutoring services are also one of the educational business ideas you can start. If you have experience running a successful business, you can earn a living by teaching other people how they can replicate your result.

Entrepreneurship is the new wave and truly, it is one of the pathways to creating wealth. This is why starting a business will remain top of mind for many. Sadly, many want to be business owners but lack the expertise and knowledge to do so. Several startups do not last five years before packing up. But, the statistic can drastically reduce if experienced people can walk them through the journey. So, there is a ready market waiting for you in this niche.

You can begin as a business consultant that entrepreneurs can contact when facing business challenges. Thereafter, you can start a business school that admits students regularly. You can also get hired by companies to train their employees on certain skills or any area of deficiency in their business.

Apart from the profit involved in this business, you will also be helping businesses survive and that means job security for many.

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3. Computer Training Institute

It’s no longer news that we are in a technology-driven world. Surviving businesses are those who have mastered the art of leveraging technology. So, if you can set up a business that equips people with computer knowledge, you are taking a step in the right direction.

Before you can start this business, you need to be proficient in various computer programs that are useful in the business world. The programs include word processing, presentation, animation programs, engineering programs, databases, and spreadsheet programs.

Although many professionals can use these software to some degree, most professionals do not have a deep understanding of them. After getting the requisite knowledge, the next line of action is to develop a curriculum around your expertise. You can either purchase teaching materials or create your own. Thereafter, segment your classes to cover the different programs and ensure the materials are understandable.

The third step to running a computer institute is to locate a teaching venue. The space you’ll rent depends on the number of students you are targeting. You could rent office space on a monthly basis or rent a conference room for your classes.

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4. Driving School

Another good educational business idea you can start is driving school. Many people want to drive but don’t know how to. This creates an opportunity for you to create a driving school. All you need to do is research the driving school licensing requirements for your state and get a driver’s license. Ensure you research the competitions around you so you can create a favorable service and price list.

Basically, what you need to begin this business is to get a car, and research to know a less busy road or field for practice, a curriculum and lesson plan. Knowing how to drive is not enough, you must also be familiar with traffic rules and laws that must be complied with.

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5. Fashion Design School

Here is also one of the educational business ideas you can start. One major requirement needed for starting this business is fashion design knowledge. You or your employees must be fashion designers. Being able to design clothing is one thing, but to turn your passion into a profitable business is something you need to learn.

Statistically, the global apparel market alone is worth three trillion dollars and is growing by 2% annually. Actually, any business catering for the daily need of people is one of the best businesses to invest in. Starting a fashion design school is easy and straightforward.

You can start out by purchasing sewing machines, get a space, and admit students that want to learn the art. There’s a potential to make six-figure annual income in a fashion design school. It’s also important to keep up with the trends as the fashion business keeps evolving and no student wants to be trained under an old-fashioned school.

You can also record videos on how to sew and sell it as an online course. Students should be awarded a certificate once they complete the course.

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6. Music School

Music School also made it to our list of educational business ideas you can start. Are you musically inclined and you dream to make money with it? Owning a music school is one way to turn your passion into a business.

Many people not only love music but also want to learn how to sing better and play an instrument. A music school may offer private or group lessons at home or in classroom settings. The costs associated with starting a music school is low. For a start, you can begin by teaching your students in their homes, public places, school, or church. The students will be responsible for buying their instrument.

As you grow, you can rent a space and get different instruments which is the most expensive start-up cost you’ll incur. But, you can reduce the start-up cost by getting fairly used instruments.

Additionally, the ongoing expenses for a music school business are rent, equipment maintenance, power and occasionally pursuing new copies of music, among others. The ideal market for a music school are those that have a passion for music and are interested in learning how to create music. They range from students in school or adults who have free time that can be spent practicing.

To make money in the music business, you charge students for music lessons. It could be on an hourly, per-lesson, or monthly basis. If you want to generate more revenue, consider group lessons as there will be more than one student being taught.

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7. Tutoring

Tutoring business is yet another billion-dollar business idea. Before you consider starting a tutorial business, pinpoint your niche because tutoring is a very diverse business.

What type of tutoring will you focus on? Will you cater to younger kids, special needs students, or exam-specific tutoring? Settle that first and then plan your budget. If you plan to quit your 9-5 job to become a tutoring entrepreneur, ensure you set aside money to cover at least three to six months of living expenses.

Don’t also forget that tutoring is largely a word-of-mouth business, so you’ll need to do a lot of it. While you will be working one-on-one with the kids, the parents are the ones you have to sell yourself to. Importantly, offer great service that extends beyond tutoring sessions. Your success in tutoring business is highly dependent on your ability to connect with your target audience.

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8. Education Blog

Education blog is also one of the educational business ideas to start in Nigeria. Due to the fact that there are many niches within the education industry, you won’t lack topics to write on.

Your blog could focus on some of the following: lesson plans, tips for doing well in school, university updates, tips for gaining admission, technology in education, adult education, review of curriculums, and how to succeed in school. The list of topic ideas is endless.

When you run a search on education blogs, you will see quite a number of ideas that will inspire you. To be any type of blogger, you must be good at writing. Also, learn how to optimise your blog for visibility. There are millions of blogs on the internet, so you need to put in extra effort to be seen.

Your profitability is dependent on your visibility. If you are a teacher, Edublogs.org is a great place to host your education blog for free. The platform is powered by WordPress and has been around since 2005.

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Here are some of the tips you need to build traffic to your education blog.

i. Reach out to local parenting communities and tell them about your blog so that they can direct their children to it.
ii. Connect with influencers in your niche. If you build a strong relationship with them, they can give you a shout out on their social media platforms which will give you access to their large audience
iii. Advertise base on well-researched keywords in your niche
iv. Offer guest posts to other bloggers in the education community
v. Build a strong online presence across social media. Post your links on your platforms and encourage your friends to share
vi. Take advantage of live streaming options on different social media platforms. Teach on topics you have on your blog and direct them to your blog to read more.

You can make money on your education blog through banner ads, sponsorship, affiliate sales, selling of educational products, etc.

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9. Art And Culture School

If you love art and culture, building an art and culture school is also one of the educational business ideas you can start. With the school in place, students can enroll for different art of their choice. It could be painting, sculpturing, carving, scriptwriting, stage play, dancing and so much more. We are in an era where academic education is no longer enough to keep people on their feet.

There are talents hidden in people and if you can start a school that’ll help nurture these talents, you are helping to build the future of many. And by extension, the Nigerian economy as a whole.

Note that this business requires space that can accommodate all the students. Also, you will need to employ skilled individuals that will work with you. Additionally, you can upload your art and craft videos as an online course for interested students to buy.

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10. Bookstore

An online or offline bookstore is one of the easiest educational business ideas you can start today. It doesn’t cost much and it’s a straight forward business model. There is a large market for several genres of books by different authors. Conduct thorough research before stocking your bookstore so you won’t store books that are not relevant to people’s needs.

Although electronic books; audiobooks and digital magazines have come to stay, many people still prefer buying and reading printed books. So, you can invest in both offline and online stores. If you decide to sell online, for instance, choose a specific niche, such as books on sports, academics, religion, motivation, and the likes.

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Tourism Business Ideas

1. Lodging

Many travelers prefer to stay in lodging houses instead of hotels. Unlike a hotel, lodging is cheaper and the experience is homier. It is best that you study and learn about the business before investing your hard-earned money into it. If you own a property, you can convert it to a lodge.

Another alternative is to lease a property and convert it into a lodge. When getting a leased property, ensure you read the contract carefully and are satisfied with the arrangement before appending your signature.

Additionally, the lodging business is location-driven, so target a location where tourists and travelers come and go. Some motorists prefer to stay at lodges overnight rather than driving all night to avoid dangers and accidents.

To start a lodging business, get the necessary permits and licenses to make your business legal. This will save you from facing future challenges with the government. Importantly, design your lodge to attract prospective clients and be creative with naming your lodge. You might also need to set up a mini restaurant that’ll cater for the feeding need of your guests.

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2. Private Tour Guide Company

Are you a lover of culture and history? Do you love helping people get new exciting experience? If so, a tour guide business may be your best bet. Basically, a tour guide knows interesting facts and history of a location and passes on the information in an entertaining way to a group of visitors. He/she takes the visitors around a particular location and narrates the history and culture surrounding the location.

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Here are steps to take to run a successful tour guide business:

1. Research Locations

Not all location is good for this kind of business. You have to survey locations with steady flow of tourists, interesting cultures and a decent climate. Ask yourself this questions before choosing a location: will people love to visit this location? Will people love to learn about the history of this location? Does this location have exciting natural places that will interest my clients? A mistake you should not make as a tour guide is to take people to places they don’t find exciting. Also, you can research as many locations as possible so you can give your guests varieties to choose from.

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2. Practice

One way to practice this business is to take your friends on tour and ask them to judge your expertise. For a start, you can write down what you want to say and read it out until you master the art. Don’t worry about making mistakes, it’s part of the practice.

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3. Promote Your Business

The best places to advertise your tour guide business are at airports, restaurants, and bus stations. In addition, your location will determine the best places to advertise your business. You can also leverage online communities when searching for clients.

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4. Schedule Your Tours

You need to determine the number of tours you can handle in a week and schedule your tours appropriately. Always plan your tours ahead by writing down where you need to be every day and at what time. There are different platforms that help you plan your schedule appropriately. You may want to consider one of them.

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3. Luggage Delivery Service

Luggage delivery service is also one of the profitable tourism business ideas you can start. The idea behind the delivery services is to make traveling as headache-free as possible. Luggage delivery service involves helping travelers handle their bags so they won’t have to struggle with them on their flight, or overhead bins. They ensure their luggage waits for them at their final destination when they arrive.

Before starting this business, look up the competitions involved so you know how best to penetrate the market. You also need to come up with extensive planning as to what you can do differently to attract prospective clients. One major factor that can contribute to your success in this business is quality and prompt delivery of baggage. This will help you build goodwill and trust in the mind of customers.

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4. Event Organiser

Do you know how to organise events in a professional and exciting way? If so, you can help throw welcoming parties and private events to reunite travelers with their friends and families. This tourism business idea is both financially rewarding and exciting. Becoming a professional event organiser requires, among other things, a good amount of experience and sometimes, formal training. To be the go-to person, come up with creative event ideas that your customers cannot resist.

One satisfied customer can refer you to their circle of influence as well. The profit you can make in this business is largely dependent on the type of event required by your customers. The interesting part of this business is that you can learn it as fast as possible and get started. First, research people already running this type of business to learn the nitty-gritty of the business. You can connect with potential customers via social media and by sharing your flyers at airports.

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5. Car Rental Services

Car Rental Services also made it to our list of tourism business ideas to invest in. Tourists want to visit as many places as possible when they visit a new location and they’ll need a car to convey them to these places. Most times, people may be willing to rent expensive cars they wouldn’t otherwise own. So, that is an opportunity for your business to capitalise on. If you have a car or fleets of cars at your disposal, you are good to start. And, if you don’t have your personal car just yet, you can consider purchasing or leasing one or two luxury cars for a start.

Note that the car rental business can be competitive, so you need to figure out what people want and make it accessible to them. Aside from renting out your car in a tourist town, car rental businesses near airports tend to do well. Ensure the cars have required licenses and permits to operate without restrictions. Don’t also forget to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy for your fleet.

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6. Travels And Tourism Related TV Program

Here is also one of the profitable tourism business ideas you could begin and start making money from. Anyone looking to travel to a new location will appreciate having first-hand knowledge of the location before visiting. So, you can learn about the different locations people often visit and share information about it in an entertaining way on a TV programme.

That way, you can approach travel and tourism companies to run adverts on your program. Starting this type of programme will also require that you visit these locations yourself, have some videos and photographs to share during your programme because people connect more with videos and photographs more than mere words. Your source of income in this business would come majorly from advert placements.

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7. Tourism Publications

Have you come across tourism publications before? Sample of such magazine is Nigeria Travels Magazine and African Tourist Magazine. If this interests you, there’s no ceiling to the profit involved in the business if you understand how it works. Basically, tourist publications contains tourism stories, tourist guides and locations, list of hotels, business opportunities in the industry, new places people can visit, tourism news and the likes.

This business also requires printing knowledge, so among other requirements, you need to invest in essential printing knowledge. You can start weekly or monthly tourism publications and reach out to companies to advertise their business in it. Part of the information to be contained in your publication is the prices of tickets for the different airline companies as this is an important information tourists would love to have.

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8. Bodyguard Business

Another profitable tourism business idea an intending entrepreneur should consider is bodyguard business. The threat of global terrorism and kidnappings has caused an increase in the demand for bodyguards. You need to be experienced to run this type of business and also be in connection with a network of bodyguards. Some celebrity and top politicians visiting tourist centres will need bodyguards for safety purposes.

Additionally, note that individuals seeking to start a bodyguard business without prior security experience will find it extremely difficult to find clients. There’s also an age limit to this business. Usually, you need to be above eighteen years to be in this business. More than that, you will need to get trained in a security company before you can venture into this business and also get familiar with the basic requirements you need to meet up with.

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9. Airline Company

This is also one of the profitable tourism business ideas that have enriched many. This is actually a big-time business that requires huge capital to begin. If you have ample experience in aviation and you have the capital to invest in it, then you can consider an airline company.

If you don’t have the required capital, you can consider getting bank loans or partnering with investors looking to put funds in a lucrative venture. You also need to critically study those already in the industry because there are licenses and requirements you have to meet up with.

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10. Travel Blog

Travel blog is a profitable tourism business idea to also consider especially if you are into the sale of tourism products. It can increase your sales in your existing target market, as well as create new opportunities for your business. To start a travel blog, you need to learn how to write for the web, and to optimise your blog for visibility.

In order to have different feels on your blog, you can employ other bloggers to write for you. The different types of people you can invite to contribute to your blog include professional travel bloggers, professional photographers, or videographers, and writing experts.

Sharing your contents is very important to the discovery of your blog. You can share your content via social media channels, sending newsletters to visitors, encouraging other people to share your blog posts.

Also, approach relevant travel magazines/e-magazines to see if they are willing to publish your content. Furthermore, include buttons on your blog that makes it easy for visitors to share your blog posts on their social media. Once your blog gains visibility, you can reach out to travel agencies and tourism companies to run an advert through your blog. Note that blogging requires a certain level of hard work and consistency before you can benefit from it.

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11. Travel Agency Business

If none of the tourism business ideas listed above interests you, the travel agency is a simple business model that doesn’t require so much to start. Several people travel from one place to another. Nigerians especially can be found in almost every part of the world and many Nigerians are looking for ways to travel outside the country. Therefore, there is huge traffic available for you to tap into. Many people travel for several purposes such as education, business, fun, sightseeing, etc.

Basically, Travel agencies assist travelers in caring for their travel needs at a cost. Some of these travel needs include but not limited to booking of flights and buying flight tickets, acquiring visas, booking, and paying for hotel accommodation.

To start out as a freelance travel agent, you do not need so much capital or infrastructure. Actually, you can run the business from the comfort of your home. With your internet-enabled computer system and a printer, you are good to go. You can start with as low as N100,000.

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12. Online Hotel Booking Site

If you are a web or software developer, here is a tourism business idea for you. If you cannot build one, you will have to hire a professional travel portal development company. Also, hotel booking websites require secure payment gateway that can accept payments in any foreign currency.

Therefore, get a good payment gateway that will accompany the site. Hotels.ng is a good example of an online hotel booking site and you can see how successful it has become. Truly, people lodge in hotels everyday and will need an easy means to book for their rooms. So, owning a site that caters to that is a good business model.

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Photography Business Ideas

1. Photography School

Have you been in the art of photography for a while and you are persuaded of your ability to pass on the knowledge to others? Then, a photography school is a great idea you can explore. There are different photography niche and you can choose to begin a school in one of the niches.

Alternatively, you can combine different niches to expand your coverage. If you are not well experienced in some of the niches, let’s say, aeriel or wedding photography, you can hire professional photographers in those niches to handle the class while you pay them for their effort.

Before hiring someone as your lecturer, educate yourself on how to hire the best hands for your business. Read related articles that’ll inform your recruitment process. The beautiful thing about starting a school is that you are passing just one knowledge to several people who would pay you for that knowledge. This is why one of the most profitable business ideas ever is school and training business.

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It’s no longer news that the world is now online. So, you can have an online or offline school or both. However, an offline presence is quite important in this kind of business. So, choose a good location where your service is in demand. This will help you get students for your school. A lot of small businesses fail because of their business location even though they got other things right. Let your story be different.

2. Stock Photography

At one time or the other, you must have used stock photographs on the internet, so you should be familiar with stock photography. Some of the common stock photography companies are Shutterstock, Gettyimages, and i-stock.

Basically, stock photography involves selling your photographs to a marketplace or platform. To get started, take pictures of different subjects that interest you or are in demand. Thereafter, upload the images on your website for sale or on platforms that accept such.

You can take pictures of people, places, buildings, nature, animals, roads, etc. Most designers/advertising agencies purchase these images to develop their designs. Shutterstock is a key player in this industry and you can supply your photos on the platform and get paid for them.

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3. Wedding Photography

There’s hardly a weekend without someone walking down the aisle in Nigeria. Wedding is one of the memorable days in people’s lives and they don’t mind spending millions of naira to make that day a success.

If you are looking for one of the most lucrative photography business ideas to invest in, don’t look too far. This is it. A good wedding photographer doesn’t find it difficult to acquire customers. If you are able to do a good job for one couple and their friends see it, they’ll recommend you when anyone around them wants to get married.

I heard of a couple who sued a photographer for telling them the film he used in taking their wedding pictures got corrupt. Sadly, they couldn’t recover any of the pictures. Imagine that kind of trauma for a newly wedded couple. So, a professional photographer is a gift to any couple and they’ll be willing to pay you for your service.

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That said, wedding photography demands creativity and style. So, you need to learn about this niche before you begin. To learn wedding photography, I’ll suggest you follow professionals in that field closely. Watch their works on Instagram and YouTube. But to get faster results, work with them.

Follow these professionals for wedding shoots and practice as much as you can. The fastest way to becoming a professional is to practice as much as you can. In summary, focus on learning first, then the opportunities in the niche will flow to you.

4. Photography Studio

Here is one of the most common photography business ideas. Most photographers dream to own their own standard studio. But before you open a studio, ensure you are well skilled in photography and that you have experience working both from a studio and an outdoor environment.

This experience is needed to help you maintain your own studio. So, what should you take note of when starting a photography studio? It’s simple. Get a perfect location that is proximal to your target audience.

If you are situated where your service is not valued, you may be down priced or not have customers. In addition, you will need to acquire the necessary equipment to set up your studio for success.

Some of these equipment include: Lenses, Cameras, Tripod, Lights, Camera bag, and editing software.

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5. Pet/Wild Life Photography

Knowing how to successfully photograph pets is a key skill. Pet photography involves photographing your pets, or any domesticated animal. This business requires a certain set of skills and a good dose of patience. Don’t forget that pets are not human beings you can control to pose in a certain way. They are fast and unpredictable.

Most photographers run away from this niche and focus on taking portraits. That is why the few involved in the niche are highly respected and well paid for their service.

You can start by offering your service to pet lovers who want to have their pets photographed or people who want to keep an art gallery. You can also earn by selling your images to TV channels and other photography sites.

However, before approaching prospective clients, learn all you can about the niche. Get a course if you must. Thereafter, take sample pictures of pets to show your expertise to your target market.

6. Sports Photography

Sports photography is also one of the fast-paced photography business ideas to consider. At first, it may be intimidating especially if you have no experience in the field. But with continuous practice, you can do well-shooting sports.

You can shoot a wide range of sports, from basketball to football, downhill skiing, volleyball, etc. If this niche interests you, apart from learning photography skills, you will need to learn sports photography skills specifically.

For instance, sports photographers shoot a little wider than normal, they use aperture priority mode and focus on their subject’s eyes when shooting. These and more are the essential skills you must learn to function effectively in this niche.

For a start, do some sports shooting for free and ask for genuine feedback and adjust accordingly. Thereafter, you will be confident enough to connect with football clubs, and propose to be their official photographer.

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7. Travel Photography

Do you love traveling the world and exploring different countries? Travel Photography might just be the best photography business idea for you. Travel photography is like a time machine, freezing memories from a journey that you can look back on and enjoy for years. Plus, it can help others find new inspiration.

Travel photography involves taking shots of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs, and history. This business is both exciting and financially rewarding.

If you are really keen on starting travel photography, you need to know your camera inside out. However, a camera and a plane ticket are not all you need to become a travel photographer.

In theory, that may be all you need but in practice, you are competing with a world filled with talented creatives all vying for the opportunity to be full-time travel photographers.

To stand out from this competition, you need to be extremely good and combine your skill with good business sense. Build your social media presence, master the art of self-promotion, build a professional portfolio of your best works, create a website, and be strategic about finding your clients.

8. Aeriel Photography

Here is another profitable photography business idea for travel freaks. Basically, Aerial Photography is the taking of photographs from an aircraft or other flying objects. This niche requires a good application of remote sensing and the use of sophisticated range of cameras.

You can take aerial photographs from aircraft, helicopter, balloon, rocket, kite, and skydiver. Apart from the fact that aerial photography is difficult, it also requires extensive experience with aerial photo operations. But, if there are people already in this photography niche, it means that you can also fit in if you put in the required work.

You may ask; does an aerial photographer need formal training? The answer is no. Some start by working as assistants to experienced aerial photographers, who teach them the creative and technical aspects of the profession. Some also go for short-term training such as seminars and workshops focusing on specific facets of aerial photography. Many aerial photographers are self-employed and you can do the same.

Importantly, this business involves hauling heavy photographic equipment, so you must be in good physical shape. In addition, you need good eyesight, and can’t have fear of heights, motion sickness, or other related physical ailments.

9. Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography also made it to our list of photography business ideas. A real estate photographer gets hired to take quality pictures of properties for sale.

The real estate industry is very competitive which is why the demand for quality property photos is perpetual. A major success factor for real estate photographers is proper lighting and a good point of view that helps the property stand out above the competition.

Usually, your target market has one thing in common – they are all trying to sell their home or commercial property. They understand the importance of having quality photos and therefore, include that in their budget.

You make money from this business from each shoot and photo delivery. As a matter of fact, most clients pay part payment ahead of the shoot. And the remaining balance will be paid upon delivery of images.

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10. Fashion Photography

The last on our list of photography business ideas is fashion photography. Fashion photography focus on taking beautiful shots of clothing, models, and other fashion-related items. It is most common on advertising boards and in fashion magazines.

Usually, fashion photography feature models wearing the displayed items. This niche has been around for a long time and keeps changing with time. Therefore, if you are considering this niche, you must flow with the current and changing trends.

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Additionally, you must have a good eye for details and be fashionable. This is because fashion photographers don’t just ensure that beautiful pictures have been taken; they also check the clothing, hair, and make-up of models.

What will set you apart in this industry is your unique style and creativity. The fact that there is stiff competition in the industry should not debar you from making a name for yourself in the industry.

Store owners also hire fashion photographers to take shots of their products, especially those in the e-commerce industry. Moreover, you can also shoot editorial and ad campaigns as a fashion entrepreneur.

Manufacturing Business Ideas

Paper Making

Making of paper or book is one of the low-cost manufacturing business ideas. Papers are widely used in educational systems, religious centres, offices, events, e.t.c and this explains why it is a lucrative business area.

It involves the manufacturing of papers, cardboard, and turning them into finished products like books, envelopes, paper bags, folders, etc. It can be done with the use of an industrial machine or by hand. All you need is to decide the kind of paper you want to produce, get the technical skill, tools, and equipment.

Papermaking process involves separating the useful fibre from the rest of the raw materials. i.e separate cellulose from wood, cotton and beat it into pulp. Then, adjust the color, and other properties, screen, and press dry to get the actual size.

If you are interested in papermaking, some of the materials you need include; chemicals, vacuum tables, beaters, paper dresses, dryers, etc.

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Water Manufacturing

Water is a lucrative manufacturing business in Africa, owing to the demand for clean and drinkable water. It is a universal need with high demand from humans and animals without restriction to any location, place, or time.

By venturing into pure water business, you will be providing one of the basic human needs. This way, you are sure of your profit irrespective of the economic situation in the country. Water can be packaged into sachets or portable plastic bottles after it has been purified. It requires a clean environment, factory, equipment, and distribution vehicles.

Some of the equipment for water manufacturing business idea include; purifier, distiller, tank, buckets, e.t.c.

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Garri Processing

Garri has remained one of the oldest manufacturing business ideas known in Nigeria and other West African countries. Aside from rice, it is one of the popular staple meals.

Just like fufu, garri is made from cassava tubers. The tubers are peeled, washed and crushed, and pressed to remove excess water, after which it is sieved and fried. Then, packaged and marketed for sale.

Some of the equipment for garri processing include; presser, grater, fryers, rotary dryer, hammer milling machine, weighing balance, granulator, sieves, and sealer.

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Baking business is one of the profitable manufacturing business ideas that have grown in popularity over the years. It involves mixing raw materials like flours, sugar, egg, and other condiments into edible a substance.

It is a wide business area that requires focusing on a specific niche for effectiveness. For instance, you can choose to bake a cake, bread, snacks, pizza, biscuits, etc. You can begin from your kitchen and you make deliveries to customers, and as time goes on, expand into a big factory.

Baking is a viable business irrespective of your location. All you need is to focus on a particular area and master it. Some of the equipment you would need for the business include; grinder, mixer, measuring cups and spoon, spatula, baking pan, oven, e.t.c

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Bead Making

Bead making is also one of the low-cost manufacturing business ideas common in every part of Nigeria. With a little amount and a high level of creativity, you can turn pottery, glass, ceramics, plastic, wood into beads, and ornaments. The beads can then be used for necklace, belt, earrings, bracelet, waist bead, flower vases, etc. All of which can serve as beauty tools in events, parties, etc, especially for women.

Usually, beads come in different materials, shapes, sizes, and colours. The equipment and tools used for bead making include; scissors, needle, thread, twine, plastic plates, stopper, hook and nut, e.t.c

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Soap And Detergent

Soap and detergents are essential household items constantly in high demand everywhere in the world. It is the combination of animal fat, plant oil, and alkali or caustic soda. They are usually mixed in the right proportion to form solid bars, tablets, liquid, or powdered substances.

Soap manufacturing can start from home or a suitable location that allows for full concentration. Then, you can make, brand, and distribute.

Soaps are used in homes, offices, and public places to cleanse and wash away dirt. Also, it can be used to cure skin pores, dye hair, wash clothes, dishes, body, etc. Some of the materials used for the business include; gas or electric stove, mixer, basin, plastic bags, weighing scale, ladles, hand-gloves, e.t.c

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Plastic Bags

Virtually, all products require packaging until it gets to the final consumer. This packaging can be in the form of plastic, nylon, paper, or any container. It is used on a daily basis and very easy to manufacture.

Plastics bags are made from polymer substance known as polyethylene. It is made from ethylene and chemically changed into polyethylene. It is easy to manipulate into different shapes, sizes, densities, and texture. Plastic bags business can start from the comfort of your home with moderate capital. If you are interested, get an extruding machine, cellulose, natural gas, etc.

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Chalk Making

Chalk making is one of the small-scale manufacturing business ideas that you can start from home. It is a round shape brittle stick that comes either in white colour or other colours. It is common in schools, churches and can be used for blackboard, walls, or other hard surfaces. Besides, it is also used by furniture makers, construction workers, tailor, plumber, and non-educational settings.

Chalk is made from plaster of Paris, clean water, lubricant, and colours. It is mixed, presented in a brittle round shape stick, and packaged in a paper container. Some of the chalk making equipment include; chalk mold, scrapper, hand gloves, dryer, etc.

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Textile Production

Textile production is one of the lucrative manufacturing business ideas you can start. It is a major industry everywhere in the world. It involves the conversion of fibre into yarn, fabrics, then into clothes. Textile involves a number of processes like cultivating and harvesting of cotton, preparing and spinning, weaving, knitting, finishing, colouration etc.

As a textile producer, you can focus on producing Adire, plain and pattern, Ankara, lace, guinea, or other kinds of clothes from cotton. You can make just the fabrics then market to clothing lines to design outfits. Besides, you can also focus on making and designing ready-made dresses.

Textile production is now taking an upturn in Nigeria and therefore is a good business to get involved in. Some of the equipment used in textile industries include; weaving machine, tufting machine, crotchet, knitting, e.t.c

Furniture Making

These days, Nigerian import furniture from different parts of the world which means, we do not have enough furniture producing companies in Nigeria. Furniture making can be on a large scale or small scale or you can start small then scale up. First, you can focus on creating custom furniture like chairs, cabinets, or beddings, and as time goes on, expand on your production.

Some of the equipment for furniture making include; panel saw, hammer, edge binders, edge foilers, boring machine, drill pressers, e.t.c

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Basket Making

Basket making is a rural craft manufacturing business idea. It is an idea unique to people of different cultures. Baskets are produced from a wide range of plant fibers like roots, cane, twigs, and grasses like raffia and reeds. Then, they are made in different shapes and sizes to serve different purposes. It can be manufactured by hand or with the use of a machine.

Basket can serve as gift items, clothing, hats, mats, boxes, e.t.c

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Flour Production

Flour milling is one of the lucrative manufacturing business ideas in Nigeria. It is a sustainable investment opportunity in the food processing industry. It is a business that involves grain processing or other agricultural produce into flours. Some of the foods that can be process include; yam, maize, wheat, and plantain, beans.

Some of the machines to make this effective include; flour purifier, bran brusher, flour blender, flour packer, bran finisher, e.t.c

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Leather encompasses a wide range of areas. It is one of the manufacturing business ideas that require huge attention. Leather related items are always in high demand owing to its importance to man. After making the leather, you can sell to shoe, belt, and bag making companies who then turn it into a finished product.

Leathers can be natural materials made from animal skin or artificial from paper, waxed cotton, apple fibers, teak leaves, etc. It is a profitable business as long as you have the technical know-how skill on how to turn the raw material into finished leather products.

Some of the equipment used in leather manufacturing include; leather buffing machine, shamming machine, e.t.c

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Shoe And Belt Making

Shoemaking business can start from the comfort of your home, and as time goes on, you can expand into a large manufacturing company. It is a profitable and sustainable business that requires a high level of creativity.

Shoe and belt making business come hand in hand. They are both made from a wide variety of materials like leather, rubber, synthetic, foam, textile, hook, etc. You can produce in large or small quantities and sell to consumers or wholesale to retailers.

All you need is the skill and important tools like pattern making and cutting machine, shoe mold, etc.  

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Spices And Condiments

Condiments and spice are essential ingredients added to food to improve the food flavour. It helps to add colour and extra taste to the food. It is common in homes, events, hotels, restaurant or other places where meals are prepared.

Spices are high in-demand both in the local and international markets. However, it can be manufactured right from the comfort of your home, packaged, branded, and export for sale. All you need is to get the raw items, grate, add flavours, and ensure it is consumable.

With tools like mixer, grinder and raw materials, you can make spices and condiments like; chili pepper, coriander powder, ketchup, black pepper, butter, mayonnaise, turmeric, garlic powder e.t.c

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Drinks And Beverage

Drinks and beverage is a profitable manufacturing business idea in Nigeria. Aside from being essential to hydration, it is a source of energy, vitamin, mineral, fat, protein, and carbohydrate. Although several people avoid it due to sugar and acidic content, it is still a viable market, especially in dry seasons.  

To compete in this market, your product has to be unique. Also, you need to develop a winning marketing strategy that will communicate the nutritional contents of the beverage or drink.

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Cooking Oil

This is one of the major needs everywhere in the world. It is a profitable and sustainable manufacturing business idea with guaranteed profit. Vegetable oil is essential for our everyday meal, and therefore in high demand in all regions of the world. It is used mostly for frying, preserving, or for cooking food items.

Vegetable oil consists of edible oil extracted from olives, peanuts, safflowers, palm kernel, cotton, sesame, grapeseed, etc. with no additives, preservatives, or special flavouring. The extraction can be done mechanically using an oil mill or chemical extraction using a solvent. Afterwards, it’s purified and if necessary refined or chemically altered then packaged.

Some of the equipment used for manufacturing cooking oil include; oil presser, crushing machine, extractor, cleaning machine, etc.

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Paint Manufacturing

These days, paint is one of the common manufacturing business ideas that people can venture into. It is a profitable industry that requires less capital. There are different kinds of paints that appeal to different groups of people. You need to identify the market and determine the best paints that appeal to them. Some varieties of paint are emulsion, textcoat, flextured, vanish, undercoat, matte eggshell, etc.

Paints are made from solvents and chemicals like formalin, nitrosol, colorite, calcium carbonate, etc. They are then mixed and packaged.

They are used in beautifying a house and to add a great appeal to the look of a building. You can start a local paint manufacturing business if you have the skills from a corner of your home.

Some of the equipment for paint making include; mixing tank, sand mill, and paint filter.

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Hair Oil Production

Hair oil production is a low-cost manufacturing business that you can begin from home. It is a good market potential because hair oil is used by males and females. These days, people are looking out for what can make their hair softer, silkier, and free from dandruff and lies.

For instance, you can focus on making coconut oil, olive oil, palm kernel oil, avocado oil, or other natural oil types.  

You need to make sure the oil is non-sticky and has a good fragrance, then package and brand. Some of the things you need to get started include; base oil, herbal extract, perfume, mixing and bottling, and sealing machine.

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Hair Wigs

Just like hair oil, hair wigs are in high demand. As long as you can offer quality hair products, you are sure to have plenty of customers. However, before you launch, you can train to have technical know-how and what the competitors are doing.

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Perfume making is a low-cost manufacturing business in Nigeria but a highly competitive one. Just because everyone wants to smell good, perfume is in high demand, especially from fashion-conscious individuals.

Perfumes are mixtures of fragrance oil, alcohol, essential oil, distilled or spring water, and glycerine. They can be used to keep the skin dry, moist, and to manufacture body creams, etc. You need to ensure your perfume is rich in aromas like other top brands and packaged in an elegant style.

Some of the equipment for perfume production include; glass jar for mixing fragrance, measuring spoons, aluminum foil, funnel, etc.

Now that we have an overview of what manufacturing business ideas entail, it is time, to dive deeper into how you can start one and become successful at it.

Transportation Business Ideas

Taxi Service

Taxi or cab service involves hiring a vehicle with a driver. A taxi can be hired by a single passenger or small group to convey them to locations of their choice. The vehicles are usually owned by an individual who signs up as an independent contractor under a union or a private brand.

There are different taxi service offerings in Nigeria. For instance, we have the traditional taxi vehicles peculiar to each state like yellow and black cars in Lagos; green and white in Abuja; blue and white in Asaba; green and yellow in Ilorin; etc.

Also, taxi services can be offered using ride-sharing apps like Uber, Bolt, Oga Driver, where drivers are booked online. Equally, there are taxi services for executive and chauffeur hire; private and public hire.

Mostly, taxis are found in airports, railway stations, malls, hotels, and public places. It can be booked on the ride-sharing apps, cab stand or flagged down on the road.

If you are interested in offering a taxi service, do due diligence on the type of service offered in your location and the peculiarities.

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Car Rental

Car rental is one of the transportation business ideas you can start. It also involves hiring a car but unlike a taxi service, you do not need to hire a driver.

Car rentals involve renting out automobiles to people for a short period of time. The timeframe can be in hours, days, or a few weeks. The car must be returned at the stipulated time in the same condition. Most times the car rentals have different locations that allow customers to return the car in another location closet to them.

It is a business that serves people who require temporary vehicles like travelers, or for other specific purposes like weddings, parties, music videos e.t.c. As a result, car rental companies are mostly found near airports, recreational tourist centers, or big cities in a country. Bookings can be online or in a physical location.

Also, they offer different kinds of exotic rentals services like power bikes, bicycles, cars, trucks, vans. In addition, they offer extra services like insurance, GPS navigation system, mobile phones, portable WiFi, child safety seats, entertainment systems in the vehicles.

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Courier Services

This is a premium, all-inclusive service that delivers messages, packages, or letters from one place or person to another within the shortest possible time frame.

Courier services operate on all scales, from a specific town or city to another regional, national, or global location. Depending on the size of the goods and location, courier services can be carried out with bicycle motorcycles, trucks, railroads, boats, and aircraft.

Courier services are widely known for speed and efficiency. The packages are secured and can be tracked. It can be a physical or online booking arrangement. They ensure to get the goods from the sender and deliver it to the receiver within a time frame.

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Commercial Bus Services

This is the commonest of the transportation business ideas you can start. It involves operating a transport system that conveys a certain number of passengers and their personal baggage from one point to another. It could be within a state or interstate. They pick passengers from a defined location to another location.

Operating a public commercial bus business in Nigeria requires that you become registered under the appropriate authority and follow the rules and regulations binding the system.

Basically, it is about rendering transport service to a large audience especially the low- and middle-income earners in the society. A public commercial transport service can also involve the use of motorcycles and tricycles beside the bus.

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Haulage Services

Haulage services, although capital intensive, is one of the most lucrative transportation business ideas you can start. Just like courier service, road haulage involves the transportation of goods and services.

However, haulage involves the conveying of heavy-duty goods like gravel, oil, sand, electronics, or other large shipments of 150 pounds or more. You can operate as a sub-contractor, contractor or as lease agent.

The haulage business offers a wide range of services like packaging, inventory, transportation, warehouse and security. Their delivery service can take days or weeks before it gets to its final destination.

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Airline Business

This is a transportation system that uses airplane, helicopter or jets to convey people, goods and services often from one state to another or one country to the other. It can also involve delivering goods and mail to islands, or serve international freight. It is the fastest mode of transportation, and often connects to international boundaries.

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Maritime Transport

Just like an airline, maritime transport is also one of the huge transportation business ideas that you can venture into if you have the capital. It involves transporting goods and services typically for international import/export businesses. It can be over any distance by boat, ship, speedboat, large sailboat, or barge over oceans, lakes, through canals, or along rivers.

More so, it can also involve transporting passengers through waterways from a defined destination for short trips, or pleasure cruises while they protect themselves with a mast or life jacket. It requires expertise and knowledge of customs regulations especially for specific merchandise like military weapons, food, or other commodities.

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Thinking of starting your own entrepreneurship journey? Here are 35 booming business ideas and step-by-step guides to start them. It’s a strategic and financial breakdown of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Get it now and start building the business of your dream.

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